Donor Behavior in the Next Normal

8 Insights for 2021

We have all experienced the extended lockdowns, quarantines, and isolation of the pandemic through the past year, and adjusted our habits and patterns to fit into this ”new normal.“  

This also applies to your donors. Will new donor behaviors become new donor habits? Our latest TrueSense Insight Report, Donor Behavior in the Next Normal: 8 Insights for 2021, explores the lasting — or temporary — effects that a year of vastly changed behaviors will have on fundraising in 2021 and beyond.

You’ll see:

  • The difference between donors acquired during this crisis and more traditional emergency donors.
  • How the spread of Zoom-style video chats may change traditional ways of engaging with donors.
  • Ways that retention efforts may change to respond to the changed environment.
  • What habits forced during this time may have sticking power.
  • And more!


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