Donors in the Post-COVID Era

A TrueSense Insight Report

Donor data is telling a powerful story. Are you listening?


TrueSense Marketing recently conducted two significant donor research projects:

  1. Data analysis on 130,000 direct response donors who made their first gift to a Food Bank after March 2020.
  2. A primary research survey of 1,075 donors to The Salvation Army to determine the impact the pandemic had on their giving attitudes and areas of mission interest.
The findings and analysis are revealing and can inform fundraising strategies for years to come.


Our data-backed discoveries include:

  • Impacts on active and lapsed donor ratios
  • Changing active donor growth rates
  • New categories for grouping COVID donors by behavior
  • Motivations that drive new donors to action
  • And more!

Most importantly, we share actionable ways to apply these findings to your fundraising efforts. Grab your copy of our latest Insight Report and start improving your fundraising results today!