Elyse Haines, Marketing Director  ●  5/31/2018

100 Fundraising Tips, Tricks, and Tactics

100 Candles

Celebrate Heroic Fundraising’s 100th post!

Over the past 18 months, the experts at TrueSense Marketing have brought you 100 fundraising insights to grow your relationships with your donors from transactional to transformational. Here are the top 10:

  1. Our fundraising experts came together to give you the hot fundraising trends of 2018
  2. Creative Director Jennifer Miller shares why powerful storytelling is one of the best ways to connect with your donors to raise funds.
  3. Telephone fundraising isn’t dead. Heres how to use this channel for two-way communication with your donors.
  4. What is donor segmentation and how will it help you raise more money? SVP of Strategy and Analytics Stephen Ferrando gives the inside scoop.
  5. Resident mid-level donor expert SVP Kurt Worrell shares how to engage this important donor segment.
  6. Your donors inboxes are cluttered. Check out these 7 tips to get your email opened.
  7. Long-term value is the most important metric for you to know. VP of Acquisition Jamie Veltri shares why.
  8. You are charged with raising unrestricted funds. Heres a marketplace-proven and accountant-approved approach.
  9. Donors still engage with direct mail. Use the outer envelope as a great introduction to your letter.
  10. Sustainer donors are your charitys superstars. SVP Marcy Auman explains how to maximize your sustainer strategy.


We believe that heroic hearts can heal the world. And that’s what this blog is all about — sharing with you what we’ve learned through serving worthy nonprofits to help you build the relationships that move your donors from transactional to transformational giving. So they can make a heroic difference. So you can change the world.



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