Margaret Carter  ●  3/6/2019

Meet the VIP Donor for Ronald McDonald House Charities®



Meet Betty. 

She is retired and owns a house that she has lived in for decades. She has a vegetable garden in her backyard that she tends year-round. She likes to bake cookies for her grandchildren and she still reads the newspaper. Betty is loyal, practical, and enjoys reading her mail — and the most convenient way for her to support her favorite charities is through direct mail.

One of her favorites is Ronald McDonald House Charities.

We take Betty everywhere. For instance, she recently traveled with us to the Ronald McDonald House Charities conference in San Francisco where we presented a general session on the profile of a Ronald McDonald House donor at the 2019 Leadership Meeting. Why? Because Betty is like so many people in the communities that support Ronald McDonald House Charities.


Here’s the best news: There are donors just like Betty on practically every block in every town. Donors who are willing and able to support the charities they love. Donors who want to give … if only they were directly asked.

Finding and reaching donors like Betty through direct-response channels — and treating them like the VIPs they are — has opened up a whole new fundraising stream for the Ronald McDonald House Charities chapters with whom we work.


Direct-response fundraising reaches a whole universe of caring people who are willing to give when asked. Direct-response fundraising donors:

  • Provide projectable, consistent, and recurring donor revenue with high-volume small gifts.
  • Create a pool of prospective Planned Givers.
  • Demonstrate long-term growth.
  • Generate measurable, trackable results.
  • Most importantly, support the mission of Ronald McDonald House Charities by helping seriously ill children and their families stay close to the care and resources they need.

It’s no wonder, then, that direct mail is the primary fundraising channel for so many national organizations like Ronald McDonald House Charities.


Learn how many Bettys are in your area — and how reaching them can also help you reach your development and fundraising goals!

TrueSense Marketing offers the only donor marketing program of its kind developed just for Ronald McDonald House Charities chapters. Email Marcy Auman, Senior Vice President, or give her a call at 724.371.3481 for a complimentary market study in your area … we’ll help you find the Bettys in your own backyard.



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