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The CDC Foundation Chooses TrueSense to Manage Their Google Ad Grants

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TrueSense Marketing is proud to partner in the fight against COVID-19. We have been selected by the CDC Foundation for a vitally important engagement: management of a multi-million dollar search advertising effort via Google Ad Grants.

The Google Ad Grants program provides charitable organizations access to Google Ads. It is designed to raise awareness and reach donors online with in-kind advertising on Google Search.

This hope for the generous grant is to help the nation make strides against the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team of digital fundraising and Search Engine Marketing experts will ensure the effective utilization of this grant to boost site traffic, create vaccine awareness, drive new donor acquisition, and ultimately help address our country’s unprecedented emergency response and vaccination needs.


A key component of this important effort involves driving site traffic related to accurate and trusted COVID-19 vaccination content to a significant number of community-based organization (CBO) partners working in especially hard-hit parts of the country. The CDC Foundation is in the process of identifying CBOs that will be included under the grant.

“We knew this Google Grant required a team of experts to strategically and successfully manage the effort,” said Terri Heyns, Associate Vice President for Communication of the CDC Foundation. “We chose TrueSense, not only because they’re an approved Google Ad Grants Certified Professionals Community Agency, but also because of their experience and digital innovation.”  

“We’re honored to be chosen to partner with the CDC Foundation and Google in the fight against COVID-19,” said TrueSense Marketing President Steven Busheé. “Last year, we motivated our clients’ donors to step up in big ways to help their neighbors in need. I’m eager to see how this partnership propels us toward a healthier, safer nation.”


About TrueSense Marketing

With more than 50 years of history and a team of over 200 professionals who are passionate about fundraising and the causes our efforts support, we can be the right partner to help your charity grow. Search Engine Marketing is an important part of our time-proven, multichannel fundraising strategies. We integrate digital channels with direct mail and phone, which leads to effectively growing your donor file. And when donors are engaged in multiple channels, their engagement with you is strengthened. TrueSense Marketing is a proud member of the Google Ad Grants Certified Professionals Community. Discover how TrueSense can help you reach more donors online.


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