It's time to restore the connection between donor and nonprofit, and create a new environment where donors are engaged, committed, receptive, and ready to do heroic acts of good.

When you work with TrueSense Marketing, you have access to a comprehensive suite of proven direct-response capabilities that engage your donors:

Strategic Analysis and Growth Planning

Our analytical model does more than just look at numbers. It reveals trends and examines key metrics of performance within each of six donor lifecycle categories. With this model, we can study donor movement within categories and from one category to another, and react with targeted messaging. Our model also creates growth projections to ensure that your nonprofit has a stable future. We can set up and play out countless scenarios by changing key variables like acquisition, retention, reactivation, and more.

Providing rich information for course correction, goal setting, and long-term planning — all essential for your growth.

On-Point, Compelling Creative

Your creative determines what your donors see, think, and feel about your organization. So it has to be right — the right look, the right appeal, the right voice. Not only attention-getting, but relevant. Otherwise, it's just noise to donors. That's why TrueSense creative always reflects your brand — and why it features a clear, meaningful offer as well as compelling, heartfelt, emotional content. Not just hitting donors over the head with "the need," but creating a connection with their lives, their dreams, and their values.

Multichannel Fundraising Integration

Mail, online, broadcast, telephone, and print — all media channels are available to you when you work with TrueSense. That’s vital, because some donors respond to mail. Some prefer email and online. Others, a variety of channels. Still others switch between channels. To engage all your donors, you need to be where they are — with channel-specific creative, analytics that track results at the donor level, and strategy that blends media, reporting, and ROI to generate growth.

Engaging the Hearts and Minds of High-Value Donors

The way to build long-term relationships with your high-value donors is to engage with them one-on-one. But many nonprofits simply don’t have the staff or bandwidth to give these key donors the attention they deserve. Our TrueSense Donor Engagement Team will do that for you. You get unprecedented access to fully-integrated, highly-personalized phone, digital, and mail strategies — from annual giving, to mid-level, to planned giving, to grateful patient and donor stewardship programs, to a focused major-gifts pipeline. We use a best-in-class model for building personal relationships with donors, and use proven strategies that honor your donors, deepen relationships, and grow your revenue for more good work.

Exclusive Donor-Preference Strategies

Everyone talks about listening to donors. Making them feel important. Respected. Valued. But TrueSense is asking donors how they prefer to give, listening, and honoring their preferences. And we use rigorous data analytics so we can study donors — how they respond and how they change — and reach out with messaging that's right for them. The results are astounding. Annual value of middle donors up a full 20%. Retention to 92%. Annual value of high-dollar donors up an incredible 12%. Their retention up 13%. Imagine turning up the volume like this for your organization.

Experience with Chapter-Based Nonprofits

Along with our national accounts, we also know how to make fundraising sing for chapter-based nonprofits. It takes strategies and creative that adapt to different markets nationwide, as well as amazing economies to keep costs low. Our partnership with The Salvation Army since 1965 proves it.

Lower Costs

From fundraising strategy, to creative, to data analytics, to printing, lettershop, and logistics, TrueSense Marketing is a full-service fundraising partner. And because our capabilities are under one roof, they work together. Which means surprising, industry-leading economies of scale that lower your cost of fundraising. In fact, when you partner with TrueSense, your costs will be 15% lower on average than any other fundraising agency. So you spend less on fundraising, and more on furthering your mission.