Fundraising Webinar and Research Report

Food Bank COVID-19 Donors: Who Are They? And How Can You Retain Them?

Your food bank has likely acquired many new donors during the pandemic, and you might be asking yourself “What now?”

To answer this question, TrueSense Marketing surveyed and researched the new donors who have stepped up to help their neighbors in need by giving to their local food bank during this national crisis. We used this research as the groundwork for our COVID-19 donor retention strategy.


Below, you’ll find access to the on-demand fundraising webinar and a full copy of the donor research report. You will also discover answers to your questions about food bank COVID-19 donors like:

  • Who are your new COVID-19 donors? How are they the same (or different) than a typical emergency donor?
  • Which new COVID-19 donors are most likely to be receptive to a long-term, transformational relationship with your food bank?
  • How can you best leverage the awareness capital from media outlet support?
  • Which strategies will be most effective to retain your COVID-19 donors?
  • And more!

If you’re wondering “what’s next” for your COVID-19 donors, these resources are for you.


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