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Create Your Own #GiveFromHomeDay

Your organization has likely experienced drastic impacts on your programs and budgets due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. At the same time, the mission you serve needs your attention and energy now more than ever.

As our fellow Americans continue to work, learn, play, and connect from home, you can ask them to “Give from Home” too by participating in #GiveFromHomeDay. Even amidst this unprecedented crisis, many are anxious to help neighbors and strangers alike who struggle with the economic and health impacts of COVID-19.

Use the complimentary tools and assets available here to harness the power of #GiveFromHomeDay for your own nonprofit organization.

#GiveFromHomeDay is a national fundraising drive that puts the power of giving into the hands, and homes, of generous donors.

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    242 Charities Have Created Their Own #GiveFromHomeDay

    You can create your own day of giving to raise crucial funds for your mission.

Some of the Nonprofit Organizations Who Have Participated in #GiveFromHomeDay


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Answers to Your #GiveFromHomeDay FAQs

Why should my nonprofit participate?

In the midst of this worldwide calamity, the concept of helping our neighbors and communities is being brought to the forefront of social conversation. As in a natural disaster, willingness to give now is alive and well in the American population.

With the power of a nationwide brand and an easy-to-implement, free set of tools and guidelines, you can leverage #GiveFromHomeDay to give donors and prospects alike the opportunity to support your organization on a focused date.

Can NGOs outside the U.S. join?

Our international nonprofit friends are welcome to sign up for #GiveFromHomeDay and leverage the campaign assets for their fundraising outreach. However, the campaign has been timed specifically around the likely arrival date of stimulus checks to U.S. citizens, so international charities may need to adjust the recommended creative to fit their unique offer.

What about #GivingTuesdayNow?
We think #GivingTuesdayNow is another fantastic fundraising opportunity from the tremendous team behind GivingTuesday. Providing your constituents with a variety of focused giving opportunities — like GivingTuesday in early December followed by calendar year-end impacts — just makes sense. Therefore, as you consider leveraging the direct deposit of the stimulus funds with #GiveFromHomeDay, you should also consider #GivingTuesdayNow as another focused giving opportunity, with a respected and recognized “brand,” in early May 2020.
What is the cost to participate? 
TrueSense Marketing wants to step up alongside the nonprofit industry in this time of uncertainty. To do our part, we’re mobilizing a fully complimentary, robust day of giving. We believe we’re all in this together. Therefore, there is no charge for participation in #GiveFromHomeDay. Participation is open to all certified charitable organizations.
How can we stop donor fatigue?

Particularly for charities participating in #GiveFromHomeDay and #GivingTuesdayNow or another day of giving, we recommend suppressing donors who gave within the last 30 days from your outreach.

Where do donors make their gifts?

When reaching out to your donors and prospects on #GiveFromHomeDay, link those messages directly to your online giving form, PayPal account, etc. That way, your donors can directly support you and their generosity will go right to work.

TrueSense Marketing is not collecting any donations on behalf of the participating nonprofits. We’ve made all the assets and resources you’ll need to engage your donors and have them support you directly available for free on this page.

#GiveFromHomeDay is powered by TrueSense Marketing.

Its assets and guidance are provided without charge to all certified nonprofit organizations. #GiveFromHomeDay has been timed to coincide with the likely arrival of Federal stimulus income, so donors who are able could choose to invest a portion of it directly into their communities. We applaud all strategic partners of the nonprofit industry who provide similar complimentary support of the charitable community during this national health and economic crisis.

Please contact our staff if you have a question about #GiveFromHomeDay.



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