TrueSense Marketing Greeting Card Program

Our facility in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania is dedicated to on-demand personalized greeting card production and fulfillment. At a time when accelerated digital transformation coincides with an increased desire for human connection, more consumers than ever are sending on-demand personalized greeting cards that celebrate life’s most important moments. Our ecommerce partners rely on us to seamlessly upload, print, finish, fulfill, and mail thousands of cards every day, direct to consumers. 


Your platform can connect to ours through an API, which allows real-time order transmission and quick turnaround. Customized messages, on privately branded greeting cards, are created using our automated print and fulfillment technology platform. Finished, fulfilled orders are shipped back to you in bulk, or envelopes may be addressed, inserted, and mailed for you from our facility from an imported mailing list. 

Additional product benefits

  • Sound cards
  • Christmas tree ornaments
  • Magnets
  • Rotary die shapes
  • Laminated cards
  • Foil


HP 7K Series digital presses


Eagle envelope press

Provides a rich black print for personalized envelopes with return and/or mailing address

Xante envelope presses

Provide printing in color for envelopes that match artwork on card

Automated fulfillment workflow

Uses barcode technology and the use of put walls to increase efficiency during the order consolidation process

Contact Lisa Kindle for more information