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Steven Busheé, President

As the President of TrueSense Marketing, Steven's heart is in every account we serve. Since founding TrueSense in the 90s, his goal has been to deepen relationships between donors and our clients. The keystone of our fundraising agency is the donor experience.

Steven leads a group of superlative fundraisers who are best in class. Together, the TrueSense Marketing team finds the heroic donors whose hearts are touched by our clients’ missions and cultivate their transactional encounters with our clients into transformational relationships.

Our donor-focused philosophy is Steven's brainchild. Steven's visionary leadership — and steadfast belief that donors can be heroes — is reshaping the industry.

Leadership Team

Marcy Auman
Marcy Auman,
Executive Vice President
Megan Carder
Megan Carder,
Senior Vice President, Managing Director
Lori Collins,
Senior Vice President, Giving Sciences
Stephen Ferrando
Stephen Ferrando,
Senior Vice President of Strategy and Analytics
Kim Jobe
Kim Jobe,
Senior Vice President, Managing Director
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson,
Senior Vice President New Business Development
Katy Jordan
Katy Jordan,
Senior Vice President of Digital Marketing
Bill Nicholson
Bill Nicholson,
Chief Technology Officer
John Oliverio
John Oliverio,
Executive Vice President, Human Resources
Mark Ornowski
Mark Ornowski,
Chief Financial Officer
Rene Putland
René Putland,
Senior Vice President, Donor Engagement Team
Shawn Reed
Shawn Reed,
Executive Vice President
Melissa Roberts
Melissa Roberts,
Senior Vice President, Managing Director
Jen Starrett
Jen Starrett,
Senior Vice President, Media
John Thompson,
Chief Creative Officer
Doug Wright,
Executive Vice President, Operations

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