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Steven Busheé
Steven Busheé,

Our donor-focused philosophy is Steven's brainchild. With 25+ years of experience in direct-response donor marketing, Steven’s visionary leadership — and steadfast belief that donors can be heroes — is reshaping the industry.

Jeff Nickel Executive Vice President
Jeff Nickel,
Executive Vice President

Jeff is the consummate strategist. His passion — combined with strategic vision — has helped raise millions of dollars for top nonprofits.

Marcy Auman
Marcy Auman,
Senior Vice President

Sales, marketing communications, multimedia and more: Marcy brings 15+ years of experience and a passion for fostering relationships.

Stephen Ferrando, SVP Strategy and Analytics
Stephen Ferrando,
Senior Vice President of Strategy and Analytics

With experience with nonprofits and Fortune 500s, Stephen gives nonprofits a competitive advantage through the strategic use of data and technology.

Mimi Natz
Mimi Natz,
Senior Vice President of Client Services

Mimi has 25+ years in the business and is a force in online and offline multichannel media management, strategic planning, research, and buying.  

Shawn Reed
Shawn Reed,
Senior Vice President

Shawn used to work for The Salvation Army. Now, he helps implement winning campaign strategies for The Salvation Army, rescue missions, and more.

John Thompson
John Thompson,
Chief Creative Officer

Talk about expertise! John has been an art director, studio owner, copywriter, nonprofit marketing & communications director, creative director, and senior creative executive.

Kurt Worrell
Kurt Worrell,
Senior Vice President Donor Engagement Team

Kurt knows the way to donors’ hearts. He’s worked with over 300 nonprofits and leads our Donor Engagement Team to make critical one-to-one connections with donors.

Jay Finney
Jay Finney,
Vice President

Where you see data, Jay sees ways to grow donor impact, and customize channels and messaging to maximize fundraising results. 

Jacqui Groseth
Jacqui Groseth,
Vice President of Client Development

Jacqui knows firsthand how important it is to find an agency that’s a great partner because she has been on both sides of the desk. She’s an expert in raising funds for people in need.

Jamie Veltri
Jamie Veltri,
Vice President of Acquisition and Media

Wherever your donors are, Jamie will find them. She brings 18+ years of experience in direct-response marketing in radio, television, internet, and direct mail.

Jason Wood
Jason Wood,
Vice President of Digital Business Development

Former Director of Digital Fundraising and Strategy with The Salvation Army at the National Headquarters, Jason leads our online fundraising and execution.

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