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We grow your relationships with your donors from transactional to transformational.

Win Donors

Win Donors

Find new donors. Reactivate those who’ve stopped giving. It’s an investment that’s essential to growing your mission.

Acquisition can build your donor base in both volume and value. From acquiring new donors to converting warm prospects (like grateful patients) to reactivating lapsed donors, multi-channel WIN strategies are vital to the future of your organization.

Digital marketing and advertising is a powerful way to connect donors to causes they care about, when part of a strong multichannel fundraising strategy. A Google Grant managed by a certified professional agency can help connect you to thousands of potential donors who use Google’s search engine every single day.

After decades of experience working with nonprofits we know that long-term value is a your most important fundraising metric. Our staff of WIN experts use predictive modeling to create your fundraising plan, based on your long-term goals, to generate optimal long-term net value. And that’s a “win” for both you and those whose heroic hearts align with your mission.

Keep Donors

Keep Donors

Keep donors giving, year over year, and generating the revenue to fulfill your mission.

After you’ve acquired a new donor, you’re faced with the next hurdle: securing the all-important second gift. Saying thank you to your donors, promptly and sincerely, is a critical part of your mission, because good donor stewardship significantly shortens the length of time until next gift, and improves donor retention .

Matching grants are one of the best donor retention tools in your fundraising kit. Matching or challenge grants encourage donors to give because they know the impact of their gift multiplies.

Storytelling can grab your donor by their heroic human heartstrings, whether in donor newsletters or social media posts or direct mail letters. Storytelling is vital to the success of your donor marketing communications. It’s so important that our creative team literally wrote the book on fundraising storytelling.

Lift Donors

Lift Donors

A strategic combination of contacts, offers, and asks can increase your donors’ average gifts, turning their compassion into action.

Understanding your donors is one key to deepening their relationship with you from transactional to transformational. That’s why we regularly commission donor market research that answers important questions fundraisers have about their supporters: what moves them to give; how they choose an organization for their gifts; what inspires them to increase their gift amounts; and more.

Multichannel tactics increase your donor engagement and retention. The better you coordinate your communication efforts for seamless and personal engagement across channels, the better your results. Today multichannel marketing is more than just a direct mail piece with a coordinated email. Communicating with your donors in the manner and channel they prefer requires integrated plans for direct mail, digital, broadcast, print, phone, canvassing, and social.

You can engage your donors by designing giving models that are perfect for them. In fact, listening to your donors’ preferences is the number one way to stop donor fatigue.

Grow Donors

Grow Donors

Build the relationships that move your donors from transactional to transformational giving. So they can make a heroic difference. So you can change the world.

We grow strong donor relationships by using integrated, multichannel fundraising techniques that are enriched by decades of fundraising experience. We guide transactional donors into transformational relationships with you: high value mid-level and sustaining donors who commit to the kind of long-term loyalty to you that, for some, will grow into major and planned gift relationships.

This guidance often uses a one-to-some approach, which identifies donors who are capable of high value gifts, encourages a two-way conversation with them, and prepares some of them for a one-to-one relationship with a gift officer.

Telephone is a great channel to build a one-to-some relationship with your transformational donors. Our Donor Engagement Team uses finely honed high-touch phone communication techniques that can increase your revenue and deepen your relationship with these important donors.

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