4 Reasons Why It's About Results, Not Fundraising Cost Ratios

For too long, charities have been ranked on how little they spend, not on impact. With more competition for donors and dollars, that thinking is changing. In fact, watchdog groups from the DMA Nonprofit Federation to Charity Navigator are now urging nonprofits to measure their success in outcomes, not overhead.

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Why You Should Feel Good About Fundraising

Sometimes we fundraisers feel a little guilty about motivating people to give, as if we’re engaged in some kind of legal con to get at people’s hard-earned money. Don’t feel that way! When donors give, they also receive.

Here are just a few reasons why you should feel good about fundraising:

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Pump Up Your Health Care Fundraising with These 5 Grateful Patient Tips

Most health care giving comes from individuals, and patients make up a growing part of that giving.

So why not reach out to your grateful patients and turn them into generous donors? It makes sense. No one understands your mission better than someone who’s received your care.

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3 Ways to Wreck a Matching Gift Offer

Matching funds are the closest things that fundraisers have to magic. Match offers cut through the clutter and encourage donors to give and can turn a weak campaign into a winner — or a strong campaign into a champion!

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The Mid-Level Donor Fundraiser [Cartoon]


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The Secret Behind the Care & Feeding of Mid-Level Donors

In earlier posts, we have shared the dynamics of successful mid-level donor (MLD) programs:

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9 Tips to Pick the Right Photo that Compels Donors to Act

A picture actually is worth a thousand words. So you have to choose your fundraising images wisely in order to engage donors.

Here are nine tips to choose a great photo that inspires your donors:

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3 Types of Fundraising Stories

We know that stories are powerful. They inspire, create empathy, and motivate. However, fundraising storytelling that’s authentic and moving isn’t easy to write.

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3 Metrics That Prove Mid-Level Donor Program Success

What is the best way to measure the success of my mid-level program?

Every fundraising program needs to be measured. However, mid-level programs are particularly difficult to measure because the goal is not immediate revenue. The number one goal for mid-level programs is to move donors into a more committed relationship and identify those who are able and willing to make transformational gifts.

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Everything You Need to Know About Getting Younger Donors

“Our donors are elderly, and they’re dying off!” If you’ve said that, you’re not alone.

Here’s how to survive the demise of your older donors:


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