Cooperative Database: 5 Reasons Your Charity Should Participate

You might be wondering, what is a Cooperative (Co-Op) Database? 

Merriam-Webster defines COOPERATIVE as: An enterprise or organization owned by and operated for the benefit of those using its services. 

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5 Cultural Challenges Nonprofits Face With Digital Fundraising

In the nonprofit world, direct mail is still king when it comes to generating revenue. This is one of the few industries in which this is the case, and I can confidently say it isn’t changing drastically in the near future. As a digital marketer, it’s fascinating to me because this sector seems ripe for opportunity to shake up the industry with digital strategies and tactics.

After observing numerous nonprofit clients Ive worked with, the reasons are clear. A majority of individual donations come from older generations that have more disposable income and are more accustomed to responding to direct mail, as opposed to donating online. The more silent issue I see involves the culture of many nonprofits that hinders the advancement of digital fundraising.

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The Dilemma of Freemium-Acquired Donors

There is a perception in direct-response fundraising that donors acquired with a “freemium” — an enclosed gift — are, by definition, low value. That they enter the donor stream with a lower average gift and do not stick with the organization unless they are fed a constant diet of other gifts.

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Top 6 Things to Add to Your Year-End Fundraising Checklist

December is the biggest giving month, and it’s vital to make the most of it. Use this checklist to determine whether your year-end appeals — direct mail and email — will connect with donors. 

Here are 6 things you need to have on your year-end fundraising checklist:

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The Importance of Lapsed Donor Reactivation

Wondering what to do with your lapsed donor file? You need a strategy for these donors who haven’t made a gift to your organization in 25+ months. Some charities will ignore their former donors, incorrectly believing that a donor who has stopped giving is unlikely to give again. Did you know that some donors don’t even realize they’ve lapsed?

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Fundraising 102: Donor Lifecycles

Now that you understand the basics of donor segmentation and targeting, let’s flash forward to something more complex — donor lifecycles.

As we explore today’s topic of donor lifecycles, I will attempt to leave bread crumbs along the way that will lead us back to one possible answer for the question that so often seems to bubble-up among direct-response fundraisers: “What role can analytics play?”

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13 Fundraising Trends and Best Practices You Need to Know in 2018

A new year is just a short time away. Is your organization ready for 2018? Even while in the midst of preparing for #GivingTuesday, holiday pushes, and year-end goals, you know that there won’t be a break come January!

To help you prioritize, we asked our fundraising professionals to share the trends and best practices they think you’ll need to know in 2018. Use them to acquire even more donors and move them from a transactional to a transformational commitment to your mission.

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It’s the Most Wonderful [Fundraising] Time of the Year

We’re approaching the most wonderful time of the year, and I think most fundraisers would agree. It’s not because of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, or turkey dinners, or time off around the holidays (while all those things are nice). It’s because year-end is one of the best times of the year to raise money for your organization. In fact, according to Charity Navigator, approximately 31% of annual giving occurs in the month of December.

If your year-end strategy still needs some refinement, there are some things you can do today to ensure a successful holiday fundraising season.

Here are 5 tips to raise more money this year-end:

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Long-Term Value Is a Fundraiser’s Most Important Metric. Here’s Why!

Your organization probably has a strategy in place for new donor acquisition, warm prospect conversion, and deeply lapsed reactivation. (We call this WIN.) These WIN efforts exist to help build the annual fund file and the base of your donor pyramid in both volume and value.

What we’ve learned from our decades of experience working with nonprofits is that long-term value is the most important WIN fundraising metric. Acquisition is a long-term investment so fundraisers need to plan for the future. Where do you want your organization to be in five years? 10 years? While minimizing or cutting acquisition helps short-term net revenue, it will always hurt long-term net revenue.

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4 Tips to Tell Shelter Pets’ Stories and Engage Animal Welfare Donors

If you want to connect with an animal welfare donor, aim for the heart! Research shows that pet lovers, inspired by the bond they’ve shared with their own pets, are motivated by emotion more than reason or logic.

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