The One-to-Some Strategy You Need for Your Mid-Level Donors

It’s no fundraising secret that direct-response programs are the conduit to significant giving. The longer and smarter the program, the better it is at producing upward donor movement. Direct-response programs rely on a one-to-many approach in order to maximize all of the donor touchpoints in a multichannel fundraising strategy. For direct-response fundraising, we seek themes, offers, and cases for support that will resonate with an entire base of donors. A common mistake many organizations make is treating a mid-level donor program as an enhanced direct response program. 

Successful mid-level programs utilize a one-to-some approach.


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7 Tips for Successful Telephone Fundraising

Telemarketing has devolved to interruptive marketing that is irrelevant, untimely, uncoordinated, and overly aggressive. Between caller ID, cell phones replacing landlines, legislation, and simple consumer choice, there are declines in telemarketing’s effectiveness and increases in cost.

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3 Reasons Your Fundraising Offer Needs Specificity

If you have teenagers (or ever were a teenager), picture this familiar scenario ... The teenager tells her parents that she’s going out for the evening only to be hit with a barrage of questions: “Who are you going with? Where are you going? When will you be home?”

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Super Subject Lines — 7 Tips to Get Your Fundraising Email Opened

The email inbox is a crowded place: To cut through the clutter, your subject line has to be sharp. A bad subject line leads to bad open rates, which will negatively affect your entire email campaign!

Start strong with these seven tips to get your fundraising email opened:

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Who Are Your Mid-Level Donors and How Should You Treat Them?

Mid-level donors are an enigma to fundraisers. They give too much to be included in a traditional direct-response fundraising program, yet they give too little to warrant an assigned major gift officer. Until recently, mid-level donors have been lumped into one of these two groups — not a good fit!

Fundraisers realize there needs to be a strategy specifically designed for mid-level donors. The fundraising industry's ongoing conversation about mid-level donor fundraising programs centers around one question: Who are mid-level donors, and how should we be treating them? 

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5 Ways to Lock In Sustainer Donors

The long-term value of sustainer donors is 10 or more times greater than that of typical donors. Sustainers are committed to your mission, which they show through their consistent annual, quarterly, or monthly gifts. Here are five ways to lock in sustainer donors:

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Dangerous Grounds: When Your Fundraising Creative Goes on Autopilot

Creating direct response fundraising is often dangerously simple. Because direct response fundraisers, as a group, so often rely on tried-and-true campaign concepts, creative specialists can be lulled into “automatic creativity.”

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7 Emotional Triggers to Get Donors to Act

Statistics and logic in your fundraising might cause your donors to think, but emotion compels them to act. Neuroscience tells us so.

Decision-making begins in the emotional centers of the brain. So always aim for the heart to influence donor behavior. Use these emotional triggers in copy, design, and images throughout your fundraising.

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5 Tips for Successful Cancer Fundraising

We’ve worked with both regional and national cancer fundraisers. We’ve seen what works. And what doesn’t. Here are the five things that all successful cancer fundraisers have in common:

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How Listening to Your Volunteers Can Help You Raise Money ( … And When NOT to Listen!)

Storytelling can be a fundraiser’s most powerful tool. When done right, the stories you tell will be memorable, moving, and powerfully motivating to donors. But sometimes, fundraisers struggle to uncover good stories.

Here’s a great place to start:

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