Man's First Call to Action [Cartoon]

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What to Consider When You Want to Boost Donor Average Gift

Naturally you want to increase the average gift of your donor base.

But since there’s no set formula for moving your donors to a higher giving level, the best thing to do is to think strategically and test smart. Here are some ideas to boost your donors’ average gift:

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3 Things Powerful Fundraising Stories Do

There’s a scene at the end of Frank Capra’s classic It’s a Wonderful Life when George Bailey, the everyman hero, kisses the old newel post on his staircase that always came loose. It was once a source of frustration to him — a physical reminder of his imperfect life. But after seeing what life could have been like had he never been born, he becomes grateful for the rickety old post. We root for George to find the beauty in the worn ... to hang onto hope.

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The 4 Ingredients for a Successful Matching Grant Offer

A matching grant is a symbolic act of one donor saying to another donor: Let’s go into this together. You give your gift, and I’ll match it with the same amount. We’ll accomplish twice as much! 

It’s a practical demonstration of a truth we all know: Together, we are stronger! But, all matching grants aren’t created equal.

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3 Secrets That Can Make You a Fundraising Wizard

Fundraising is hard work. Getting it right takes skill, experience, planning, and attention to detail.

Here are three secrets — known only to real fundraising veterans — that will help you make better decisions, avoid costly mistakes, and generally amaze everyone with your fundraising wizardry.

1. Donors like to donate:
Too many fundraisers approach their work as if they are annoying donors or taking something away from them. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is ... donors love to give. Giving feels good. It even makes them happier and healthier. People instinctively want to do good. Never, ever feel guilty or reluctant about asking people to give. You’re doing them a favor by giving them the chance to make a difference — and they know it.
2. Fundraising is about action:
One way that you can tell the fundraising professionals from the amateurs is this: The amateurs talk to donors about philosophy, concepts, and abstractions. The pros talk about action: Write a check. Go online. Give today. All fundraising aims at a concrete, specific call to action. Everything in your appeal — the headlines, the copy, the images — should all be designed to motivate donors to take action.
3. You are not your donor:
This is the biggest fundraising wizard secret of all. If you make decisions based on what you think you would respond to, you will make poor decisions. You are different from your donors in many ways, including, in all likelihood, age and education. But the most important way you’re different from your donors is that you’re very much aware of — and educated about — your cause. Always strive to create fundraising that’s based on proven, time-tested principles, and aims at known donor behavior — not what you, your boss, or your board members would like to see.

Be sure to keep these three secrets in mind the next time you’re brainstorming ideas for an upcoming appeal — and watch the magic happen!

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Ignite Your Fundraising with an Iconic Image

If you’ve been to an Eastern Orthodox church, you’ve seen the icons that fill that space — those richly colored images of Jesus and the saints.

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Welcome to Heroic Fundraising

I wear my heart on my sleeve. I get a lump in my throat during Hallmark® commercials.

But nothing moves me more than when a soldier receives the Congressional Medal of Honor from our president. Think of it: The most powerful person in our world placing a medal of honor on a hero who has saved lives under impossible odds and withering enemy fire. And what’s the hero’s response? It’s always a variation on, “I was just doing what had to be done.”

True heroes never seem to think of themselves as heroes at all.

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