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Common Sense Practicality, Innovation and Creativity, and a Focus on Relationships

TrueSense Marketing is a full-service, strategic, direct-response fundraising agency.

Years of History

Passionate Professionals

With more than 50 years of history and a team of over 400 professionals who are passionate about fundraising and the causes our efforts support, we can be the right partner to help your charity grow.

As your fundraising partner, we will make it our mission to listen to your donors, help you build your relationship with them, and encourage them to develop a steadfast connection to your organization. In our experience, when donors feel respected and emotionally invested in the charity, they naturally give more, give more often, and remain committed supporters longer.

Our Vision

We believe that heroic human hearts are necessary to help heal the world. And that they are nourished by the act of giving, which satisfies an essential human need. Therefore, we will find those heroic donors whose hearts are touched by our clients’ missions. And grow their transactional relationships with our clients into transformational relationships.


Core Values

Common Sense

How We Work

We use insightful analytics, innovative strategies, and breakthrough creative execution to engage donors at every level in order to move them from transactional to transformational relationships with our nonprofit partners.

We communicate with donors in the channel they prefer — mail, digital, broadcast, print, phone, and social. Which leads to effectively growing donor files across all age groupings including: Millennials, Gen-X, Boomers, and Seniors. And when donors are engaged in multiple channels, their engagement with you is strengthened.

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