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As a nonprofit pro, keeping up with the latest industry trends and best practices is just one of the many things on your to-do list. We wanted to make it easy for you to carve out time for yourself. Your friends at TrueSense Marketing are delivering fresh fundraising facts fast.

Our nonprofit experts are portioning up their most actionable insights into an à la carte webinar series. Make yourself a snack, grab your favorite beverage, and in 30 minutes or less you’ll uncover new ways to grow your fundraising program and build strong donor relationships. But don't take our word for it, here's what our attendees had to say:

  • "I just finished signing up for every single Quick Byte — the topics are fantastic, and I can't wait."
  • "Love the 30 minute format. Keep doing that."
  • "Very impressed with your presentation. Clear, concise, and no nonsense."

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These on-demand Quick Byte webinars are pre-recorded and available for you to digest at your convenience.

Integrating Your Digital Media Ecosystem for Major Results

Recorded July 20, 2022

Your charity needs a robust digital fundraising program to continue to acquire and engage donors (particularly younger ones). But a successful program is more than just checking the box on search, social, and display. You need all your various digital media channels to work together! Tune in to see the benefits of integrating your digital media ecosystem — a critical step in creating an environment that cultivates donors wherever they are online.
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Acquiring High-Value Donors Through Direct Mail

Recorded July 13, 2022

Many fundraising leaders have been conditioned to think that direct mail is not the channel for high-value donor acquisition, but it can be! Tune into this Quick Byte webinar hosted by pros from TrueSense and Adstra to learn how you can acquire higher-value direct-mail donors with a few tweaks to your existing direct mail acquisition program.
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Ethical Storytelling

Recorded July 6, 2022

Need. Impact. Relevance. Authenticity. Urgency. For decades, these powerful tools have been used for compelling philanthropic storytelling. Today, with heightened awareness and sensitivity to both the diverse communities they serve and the diverse donors who support them, nonprofits must approach fundraising creative with a new method to these proven creative tools.
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Today’s Behaviors of Tomorrow’s High-Value Donors

Recorded June 29, 2022

We all want more mid-level and major donors. Some organizations aggressively pursue their full file in hopes of a few upgrades, while others might wait for it to organically happen. What if you could identify the early behaviors of future mid-level and major donors — to know who is likely to upgrade and when? Join us in this Quick Byte webinar and learn how you crack the code on who they are, where they came from, and what you should be tracking. By understanding donor behavior, you can take control of your fundraising pipeline.
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Practical Considerations to Address Unusual Times

Recorded March 1, 2022

With the recent shortage in paper and resulting price increases; increases in postage costs; and the broader cost of doing business as a nonprofit skyrocketing, your direct-response budget may be under serious strain in 2022. Before making any dramatic cuts to your program, join Melissa Roberts and Stephen Ferrando from TrueSense Marketing for this 30-minute Quick Byte fundraising webinar, where they will share five ways to modify your approach this year to ensure you make the most of your investments.
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Balancing the Creative Equation: The Heart and Head of Fundraising Storytelling

Recorded February 22, 2022

Fueling your donors’ passion for your mission requires appealing to their heart AND their head. If you’re struggling to find balance in your fundraising storytelling, this is a Quick Byte webinar you don’t want to miss. Chief Creative Officer John Thompson and Creative Director David Torres will discuss how to create logical and emotional appeals that raise more funds.
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Donor Welcome Email Series: More Than Just Hello

Recorded February 15, 2022

Create a smooth transition from acquisition to retention with a donor welcome email series. This automated sequence of emails stewards your new supporters by delivering the relevant content and information on a timely basis. Digital marketing experts Samantha Jasnos and Elyse Haines will share everything you need to know to create a successful new donor email welcome series that retains your donors and keeps them on fire for your mission.
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The Multichannel Donor Myth

Recorded October 27, 2021

Multichannel donors — the nirvana of the modern fundraising program according to many in our industry. Or has this ideal been misunderstood for a very long time? What if we told you multichannel donors aren’t more valuable simply because they’re multichannel? What if we could prove it? Join us in a webinar that pulls back the curtain on a seemingly well-established principle about nonprofit fundraising to understand what truly makes donors valuable.
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More Dollars, Fewer Donors: Why Your Alarms Should Be Ringing

Recorded October 13, 2021

You’ve likely witnessed a shift in your donor file makeup. Many charitable organizations are seeing fewer donors, giving at higher levels. This trend of more loyal and valuable donors is driving more revenue in the short term, but will this sustain? What does it mean for your organization and the role of philanthropy as we know it today? Join TrueSense Marketing and The Nonprofit Alliance as we seek to understand what is happening across the nonprofit landscape, why this trend is happening, and what your organization and our industry can do about it.
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Can Penguins Play Hockey?
Your Donor Data + Machine Learning = Your Most Powerful Levers for Improved ROI

Recorded July 21, 2021

As fundraisers, you have a lot of data to consider these days: online, offline, demographic, transactional, engagement ... Each kind of data has its use case, advantages, and disadvantages, but one type of data stands out for its overwhelming value: first-party data. Find out how advanced machine learning techniques can harness the power of your first-party data to intelligently drive your financial results and improve ROI in a way that cannot be replicated by any other data type.
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Move Your Donors from Mid-level to Transformational Giving

Recorded July 13, 2021

Discover the successful tactics for growing your mid-level program, including which KPIs matter most to leverage your program for transformational major and planned gifts.
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Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices to Run a Successful Day of Giving

Recorded June 21, 2021

A giving day can rally your community around your nonprofit while it increases awareness of your mission, whether or not we're in the midst of a pandemic. Join TrueSense Marketing and Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma for tips and tricks to attract new donors to your organization, and deepen your relationships with existing ones.
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Fresh Ways to Upgrade and Acquire Sustainer Donors

Recorded June 30, 2021

On average, sustainers are 5x more valuable than traditional donors. This past year has also brought unpredicted opportunities to acquire and upgrade your current sustainer file. TrueSense Marketing and KidsAlive International will cover some real-world examples of how you can grow your current file and maximize the sustainers you already have.
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