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TrueSense Marketing is a full-service direct marketing agency with more than 150 fundraising pros who are committed to building strong donor relationships, enhancing the donor experience, and creating the conditions for greater generosity.

We believe that heroic human hearts can change the world.

We inspire donor heroes to create transformational relationships with their chosen organizations.


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What’s the best way to engage the hearts and minds of your high-value donors?

You now have access to fully-integrated fundraising campaigns and personalized donor experiences that build relationships with your most valuable donors. Find out how to help them feel like heroes: an unstoppable force for good — and for your cause. Learn more about the TrueSense Donor Engagement Team ...

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How to Raise Unrestricted Funds in the Real World

Most fundraisers are charged with raising unrestricted funds. The problem is, donors are more likely to respond to specific (that is, restricted) calls to action. Here's the good news: You can meet donors' need for specificity — and still raise unrestricted funds.  Now, we want to share our field-tested, accountant-approved way to do it.

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A Strategy Targeting Mid-Level Donors

Mid-level donors are critical to the short-term and long-term success of most nonprofits. Fundraisers know this, of course. But what strategy will engage mid-level donors, increase their retention rates, and move as many of them as possible into major giving? Our fundraising experts weigh-in on everything you need to know about mid-level donors. Are you ready to learn more?



Do You Believe in (Fundraising) Magic?

A well-built match offer can raise 10% to 50% more revenue than a similar message without a match. But first, you have to know how to build a matching offer. In this free e-book, you'll discover tons of helpful tips to execute a successful match campaign. Get the free e-book.