Fundraising Webinar

"Unprecedented": Talking to Donors in the Age of COVID-19

In the best of times, you can lean on long-term industry best practices to formulate your fundraising messages.

But these are not the best of times.

Your friends at TrueSense Marketing are here to help you talk to your donors in the age of COVID-19. These donor marketing experts will give you insider tips to help your nonprofit build strong donor relationships in the coming months and beyond.


In this on-demand fundraising webinar, you’ll discover answers to your questions like:

  • Should you communicate with your new COVID-19 donors like they’re emergency donors?
  • When is it time to stop talking about COVID-19?
  • How should front-line nonprofits frame their messages? What about nonprofits whose mission is still important, but isn’t related to COVID-19?
  • How can you ensure that both your fast and slow channels carry the right message to the right donor at the right time?
  • What should your donor communications say in the all-important fourth quarter of 2020?
  • And more!

If you’re wondering how to talk to your donors in the age of COVID-19, this webinar is for you.


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