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October 3, 2019

Food Bank Clients Record Chart-Topping Fundraising Results



As a fundraising professional, you’re conducting a wide variety of fundraising strategies and tactics into one perfect harmony. And the smaller the fundraising team for your organization, the more you might feel like a one-man band with a wide variety of tasks that fall to you.

Since your to-do list is lengthy, it’s likely that there’s at least one part of donor marketing you can’t quite master. Will an untuned instrument cause a cacophony with all your other fundraising initiatives?


When I worked in Annual Fund philanthropy at a university, that troublesome task was increasing the number of alumni who gave back to the university. Try as I might, I couldn’t finesse that instrument to play in concert with the rest.

What’s your problem task? Is it a block in your donor pipeline? Is it working better with your Board of Directors? Acquiring the right kind of donors who are likely to become long-term supporters?

While we work with our food bank clients on their entire donor marketing program, like you, many of them have one (or more) major challenge they’re trying to solve: whether creating a stronger acquisition strategy, or reversing multi-year declines in direct-mail results, or expanding digital programs, or even building a program for sustainer donors.

Each of these food banks turned to TrueSense for help. Our team of analytics, acquisition, creative, and digital pros put their heads together to solve these pinnacle problems for our clients every day.

The results speak for themselves:

  • One of our food bank clients increased direct-mail revenue by 250%.
  • Another tackled a new frontier — resulting in a 66% increase in digital net revenue.
  • One discovered that choice was the secret weapon for sustainer success. 
  • Innovative acquisition strategies put yet another on the path to growth.


Curious about the solution and results? Download the food bank case studies and discover the fundraising solutions that enable our clients to connect with more donors and ultimately feed more people. That’s music to our ears!

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