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Food Bank Responds to Teacher Walkouts with Digital Fundraising

Good charities respond to the ongoing needs of their constituents. Great charities can adjust their donor marketing and programs when there is an increase in need, like in the case of a natural disaster, economic crisis, or policy change. The Oklahoma teacher walkout has one major unintended, and unfortunate, consequence: No school means no meals for children who rely on nutritious breakfasts and lunches at school.

One of our food bank clients recognized the impending need in their community, and TrueSense Marketing immediately jumped into action with a digital fundraising campaign.

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Here are 3 ways that a local food bank client responded to the student hunger crisis:

  1. Emails
    Two emails were sent to just under 15,000 supporters with an offer to close the meal gap for the influx of hungry students. Like all great fundraising, the donor is positioned as the hero of the story.
  2. Display Retargeting Ads
    Retargeting ads are a form of online targeting advertising and are served to people who have already visited your website. Knowing that a supporter’s journey is not linear, display ads work well to keep your organization top of mind.
  3. Google Ad Grants
    Our client used their Google ad grants to target keywords related to the teacher walkout. The google ads were already in place before the first day of the walk out. On day one of the walkout, impressions spiked to 3,000.

In total, this effort generated over $20,000 in just a few short days. More importantly, thousands of students received ongoing, nutritious meals thanks to the donors’ heroic human hearts.


To learn more about this campaign or how your charity can be positioned for success in any environment, talk to TrueSense.


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