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Animal Care

Locking in Donor Loyalty. Saving More Animals’ Lives

Like you, your donors are driven to rescue. To rehabilitate. To find homes for animals — and help pets and their people stay together. We’ll partner with you to effectively acquire, reactivate, retain, cultivate, and upgrade your supporters through proven, comprehensive fundraising solutions.

From traditional shelters to cat TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) organizations to foster programs, you can save more animals’ lives and build a community that values and cares for them. Our powerful fundraising program is tailored to the unique and pressing needs of animal care organizations today.

Donor Research

Groundbreaking insights on who animal care donors are and what motivates them to give.

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An Approach That’s Rooted in Community

Read more about our methodology and how your donors can help you lead the way to a more compassionate future for all.

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Quick Byte Webinars

We’re delivering fresh fundraising facts fast in these 30-minute webinars. Grab a Quick Byte live or on-demand!

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Strategic, full-circle fundraising solutions can help you reach and exceed your animal care organization’s objectives.

Are you ready to take your direct-response fundraising program in a more strategic direction? Then you’re barking up the right tree!

We have a half-century of partnership with worthy nonprofits like yours. While a lot has changed over the decades, our heart is just the same: a family-owned business with a team of nonprofit marketing and animal care experts who love nothing more than helping organizations like yours make the world a more humane place by growing strong donor relationships through direct mail, email, social, telephone, and more.

This is the goal that everything builds toward, using a full-circle, omnichannel fundraising approach to maximize your donors’ long-term value and increase your revenue through:

  1.  Localization: Telling your organization’s stories
  2.  Focusing on donor retention 
  3.  Making it easy for donors to give — and give again
  4.  Spending wisely 

Not all donors are the same: They have a variety of motivations that inspire them to partner with you to care for, save, and improve animals' lives. In order to reach your fundraising goals, you need to speak to the donors who give to animal care organizations. We’ll bring the unique mix of fundraising offers and channels your donors respond to best, informed by an understanding of your donors’ personal values, aspirations, and motivations for giving, as well as the intricacies of your work.

While our multichannel fundraising strategies focus on the donor, our fundraising campaign planning focuses on you. We’re a direct response marketing agency serving only nonprofit clients, and we know that reaching your revenue goals means more effective programs for the animals and community you serve daily.

Like you, our clients measure success by the results achieved. See why they’re glad they chose us as their fundraising partner. Our clients enjoyed a:

  • One client saw a 6.4% increase in their overall donor base.
  • Another client saw an 8.7% increase across their direct-mail program.
  • Another saw a 16% increase in overall revenue after partnering with us for just two years.
  • One client saw a 52.5% increase in program donor revenue through emails only.

We’re dedicated to helping you raise more money to do more good for the animals and people who rely on your organization. Reaching your fundraising objectives begins with talking to us today.

Reaching your fundraising revenue goals begins with talking to us today

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