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Animal Welfare
Donor Research

Meet the Donors Who Rescue Pets

Now you can listen in while hundreds of animal welfare donors share what touches their hearts and moves them to give.

We opened a floodgate of emotion that can only be properly understood when you read the donor remarks — all captured verbatim in this groundbreaking donor research study.

The insights we’ve gained can help you foster communication, relationships, and loyalty with your own donors. You’ll discover:

  • Who is today’s animal welfare donor?
  • What motivates animal welfare donors to give?
  • What are the attributes of fundraising appeals that generate the best response?
  • Bonus: Strategic and tactical recommendations!

Download “Who Are Their Heroes?” and find out how to connect with animal welfare donors, so their generosity can build a more humane world.

Complete the form below and we’ll email you the donor research.

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