When you know WHY donors give, you can acquire more of them.

As the agency behind the national research study on Animal Welfare donors, we’re able to develop strategy that’s most effective at acquiring and retaining donors.

We constantly develop new creative designs and messaging to speak to donors’ hearts — and even vary our story content and appeal timing based on donors’ individual preferences.

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Donor Preference Strategies

When a cat lover receives an appeal about a cat, and a self-described “dog person” opens an appeal to find a pair of puppy-dog eyes looking back at her — that’s good strategy!

At TrueSense, we use donor preference strategies to individualize appeals — with no added costs to our clients.

The more you show donors that you care about their preferences — and appeal to their unique motivations to give — the more loyalty and revenue you’ll build. Here’s a recent example of a Summer Fund appeal that was split into donor-driven cat and dog versions.

Animal Welfare Donor Preferences Fundraising Creative.png


Lock in Loyalty With a Sustainer Program

Animal welfare donors know loyalty. And we know that the long-term value of loyal
sustainer donors is 10 or more times greater than that of typical donors. That’s why
we created the Loyal Friends program, a way for your donors to show their support
through consistent annual, quarterly, or monthly gifts.

Loyal Friends shows donors the benefits of convenient giving. It also gives them a
sense of identity and exclusivity — both essential as you raise money for your lifesaving


Big Return on Investment: Pay As You Grow Program

Pay As You Grow is a cost-deferred program that limits your billable expenses each year to exactly the amount of revenue generated by your donations. TrueSense shoulders all costs for the initial campaigns until the unpaid balance is paid off by your fundraising revenue.


Growth Plan

For each of our clients, we deeply analyze their donor database through a Donor Health Index and review baseline projections to create a five-year Growth Plan. Using the growth plan as our guide, we create a customized fundraising program using direct mail, email, telephone, and digital outreach based on donor preferences. We check progress annually against the Growth Plan and adjust the program accordingly to reach your long-term goals.

Watch the video to learn more about growth plans from our Senior VP, Marcy Auman.




[fa icon="quote-left"] [fa icon="quote-right"] I’ve had the chance to work with multiple agencies during my animal welfare career. TrueSense has given us the best customer service and, even better, outstanding results. They have become an integral part of our team, working with us to develop effective strategies that teach us more about our donors with every appeal.

MEGHAN SCHEIBE Director of Development & Marketing, Lawrence Humane Society

[fa icon="quote-left"] [fa icon="quote-right"] Working with the team at TrueSense has been a breath of fresh air. The level of service we have received from the team at TrueSense compared to that of our previous direct mail agency has been an improvement of infinite proportions. We’re a small organization with a small fundraising shop, but we’ve always been treated like TrueSense’s most important client. This isn’t your typical vendor/client relationship ... it’s a partnership with an incredible agency that is as committed to our mission and our success as we are.

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