Cancer Center Donor Research

Meet the Donors Who Will Cure Cancer

Our groundbreaking research has revealed new insights about cancer center donors, and it’s going to impact your work. Now, you can see exactly what real cancer center donors said about why they give to help fight cancer.

Among the findings? A list of verbatim donor responses, organized by cancer centers. Donors tell you in their own words what motivates them, why they care, and what’s important to them.

You’ll also discover:

  • Donors who have had cancer give differently than those who have not.
  • Few donors are familiar with their local cancer center, and what that means for giving.
  • Why “find a cure” messaging still resonates with donors.
  • How proximity to their local cancer center impacts a donor’s giving behavior.

 Download “Why Am I Your Donor?” for critical information about cancer center donors’ behavior.


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