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Cultivate Mid-Level

Learn How to Engage Your Most Important Donor Segment in This Fundraising White Paper

Mid-level donors want to be heard. They want to know their gifts make a difference. And — most importantly for you — they want to be able to continue to make gifts that have a real impact.

But how do you cultivate these donors who don’t fit in a traditional direct-response fundraising program or a major gift officer’s portfolio? We’ve got answers.

This fundraising white paper is full of tips and resources for you. You’ll see:

  • How to define your mid-level donors.
  • How to cultivate, engage, and empower them to make an impact.
  • 3 key performance metrics that show if your mid-level program is on track for success.
  • And more!

Download “Success with Mid-Level Donors” and learn how to single out, engage, and cultivate your most important audience segment.

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