A Strategy Targeting Mid-Level Donors

Mid-level donor programs are a hot topic in the fundraising industry. How do you properly cultivate these donors who don’t quite fit in a traditional direct-response fundraising program or a major gift officer portfolio?

Years of testing have shown that listening to what mid-level donors want is the key to building a successful mid-level program. We’ve learned that mid-level donors want to be heard, that they want to know their gifts make a difference, and that they want to be able to continue to make gifts that have an impact.


Here's what works:

  • Stewardship and cultivation. Stewardship alone will not increase net revenues or move your mid-level donors toward transformational gifts. Our experienced strategists understand when and how your mid-level donors need continued cultivation.
  • Integrated data. Your mid-level donor data must “talk” to your full donor data file. Our database solution is designed to fully integrate with yours.
  • Relationship building. It’s all about getting to know your high value donors, and why they love giving to your mission. Our fundraising representatives are trained in “white-glove” telephone relationship building.
  • Measuring success. Simple data points like recency, frequency, and monetary value alone do not reflect true success. Our program reporting focuses on measuring upward mobility, as well as campaign performance.

Ready to Take Your Mid-Level Program to the Next Level?

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White Paper: Success with Mid-Level Donors

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