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Here at TrueSense Marketing, we are certified experts with extensive search engine marketing (SEM) experience ready to manage your Google Ad Grant for you. Our team of search specialists handle all steps of the process from application, coordination, build-out or restructure to ongoing maintenance and reporting.

Let us help you reach donors online without the stress.

Hands-On Management

Put a team of search marketing experts to work for your charity and receive continuous recommendations to make the most of your Google Grant.

Google Analytics & Optimization

Our team implements tracking to view every interaction that a user performs on your site and, more importantly, to provide the insight behind the results of your digital marketing campaigns. Our work is designed for conversion.

Comprehensive Campaigns

Your Google Grant isn’t confined to donor campaigns, and neither are we! We’ll leverage your Grant to reach your entire community of potential clients, volunteers, and donors.

Your nonprofit may be eligible for a $10,000 grant from Google each month to reach your community. How are you going to make the most of that gift?

Our team of digital experts is here to help.

“Our Google Ad campaigns are worry-free! TrueSense Marketing is a hands-on partner that has helped us to maximize our Google Grant. Their team of digital experts keep up with Google’s latest trends which has led to outstanding results for our charity.”

Cassie Gillman
Chief Development Officer at Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

We work with our clients to uncover the best ways to maximize their Google Grant. Whether your charity works across the U.S. or is centralized in one community, we’ll use your Grant to connect you with people who need your help, community members interested in volunteering or attending an event, and the heroic hearts who are ready to give.

Our hands-on services include:

  • Building new campaigns including ad creative and keyword strategy.
  • Auditing your current website content to create the best ads.
  • Running search query reports and adjusting campaigns accordingly.
  • Collaborating with your team to highlight offers important to your goals.
  • Performing A/B tests to discover the creative that resonates best.
  • Layering in paid display ads for maximum impact.
  • Editing your campaign to ensure you're making the most out of the $10k grant.
  • Integrating your search campaigns within your overall donor marketing strategy.

Ready to learn more? Download your copy of the “Google Grants Without the Stress” white paper.

You can use Google Grants to reach more donors and ultimately raise more funds for your nonprofit. In this fundraising white paper, our digital experts take this challenging subject and clearly explain it with vital information and helpful graphics.

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About TrueSense Marketing

With more than 50 years of history and a team of over 200 professionals who are passionate about fundraising and the causes our efforts support, we can be the right partner to help your charity grow. Search Engine Marketing is an important part of our time-proven, multichannel fundraising strategies. We integrate digital channels with direct mail and phone, which leads to effectively growing your donor file. And when donors are engaged in multiple channels, their engagement with you is strengthened. Not only are we a Google Partner, we are also a Google Certified Professional Agency. 

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