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Health care fundraising is about two things: people and hope. It's built from real-life stories about people who have faced an illness or a disease. The key is to show the human side of the disease — the courage and the fear. The pain and the victory. That's the fight your donors have already seen in their lives. They'll recognize that fight and be ready to join it with their donations.

It's all on the foundation of a powerful new truth: We are winning the fight against a whole host of diseases. And every gift brings that day closer when even more battles will be won, more illnesses will be conquered, and more people will return to their lives, happy and healthy. This is the new and wonderful reality: Your gift now is part of a winning strategy!

The way you communicate is personal, too. Your donors live in a brave new world of many channels. They're connecting people to causes by email, Facebook and other social media sites, telephone, mail, radio, television — and the list keeps growing.

To be effective, we must cross those channel boundaries as easily and as often as your donors do. We need to be there with the right messages at the right times, and in the channels they want to use.


Grateful Patients. Generous Donors.

In the health care industry, you touch the lives — and help save the lives — of your patients every day. In turn, patient gratitude for the care they’ve received very often makes them your most important donor prospects. When you reach out to these key supporters, you need to do so in a highly personalized and thoughtful way.

Our grateful patient program has four steps:

  1. Engaging the organization to find ambassadors.
  2. Identifying prospects with predictive modeling.
  3. Designing the approach that works for your health care center.
  4. Putting ongoing cultivation into place to manage the relationship over time.

Ready to find out more?

Check out our grateful patient fundraising how-to guide, with tips on acquiring, cultivating, and stewarding these important donors.

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The Sustainer Program That Attracts and Retains More Donors

Every health care center wants a strong, stable sustainer program to fuel its growth. And every donor wants to get the most impact from their donation. Unfortunately, many cancer centers restrict their cost-minimizing, revenue-raising, sustainer program to appeal to only a small part of the donors they could get to join.

At TrueSense, we have a different approach. Using techniques that have been proven over more than 15 years of real-world experience … mail, phone, and digital channels … meaningful performance metrics … inspiring creative … and more … our team can transform what it means to be a sustaining donor and revolutionize your fundraising. Our secret weapon? The donor’s own preferences!


Hear for Yourself: Donor Engagement in Action

Fundraising is about relationships. And the strongest relationships are personal ones. That’s why the professional communicators on TrueSense Marketing's Donor Engagement Team don’t simply talk to your donors, they listen. They appreciate. They thank. At the end of the call, your donors feel valued, inspired, and more connected to your organization than ever before.

Take a moment to listen to a few of our calls, using the audio player below. You won’t hear operators reading from a script. You’ll hear warm, personal conversations leading to comfortable, low-pressure asks that give your donors a chance to be the heroes they really are.

Health Care Donor and Patient Compilation

You have a great plan in place to steward your donors. But do you have the time and staff to make those plans a reality? Donor Engagement Team communicators work as an extension of your team by making those important phone calls. The whole TrueSense team shares a deep commitment to donor service, which means that when your donor’s phone rings, it isn’t telemarketing. It’s part of a healthy, ongoing relationship.


SEM Done Right: The Power of Google Grants

Search engine marketing is one of those things almost everyone is doing … and almost no one is doing well. TrueSense Marketing's team will help you get better results from your search engine marketing than ever before, thanks in part to our extensive experience with Google Grants.

Google Grants is a donation program which allows 501(c)(3) organizations to receive up to $10,000 per month of in-kind advertising from the Google AdWords search engine marketing program. With it, your cancer center can advertise on Google results pages for free, in response to relevant searches and key words. Done right — that is, the way TrueSense does it — that can help you begin a conversation with potential new donors, attract them to your website, and get them involved in your life-saving mission!


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