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Fundraising Built on Hope

Empowering Donors to Join the Fight. Health care fundraising is about two things: people and hope. It’s built from real-life stories about people who’ve witnessed illness. From the battles your donors have already fought. Using techniques that have been proven over more than 15 years of real-world experience, we’ll help your donors join the fight again.


Children's Hospital Fundraising

Build a sustainable source of revenue from individual donors to maximize your hospital's impact.

Grateful Patient Fundraising

Tips on acquiring, cultivating, and stewarding grateful patients as important donors.

Cancer Center Donor Research

Groundbreaking insights on who cancer center donors are and what motivates them to give.

Strategic, multichannel fundraising to help you reach and exceed your health care organization’s donor marketing objectives.

TrueSense Marketing has a half century of partnership with worthy charities like yours. In fact, we currently work with dozens of NCI-Designated Cancer Centers, Woodmark Group Member Hospitals, and prestigious university health systems across the nation on their grateful patient, grateful family, donor acquisition and retention, sustainer and monthly giving programs, and mid-level programs.

Over the years, we’ve learned that not all donors are the same — they have a variety of motivations that inspire them to partner with your organization to find a cure to cancer and other diseases and provide the best patient experience. In order to reach your fundraising goals, you need to understand the heroic human hearts who make donations to health care. To help you understand your donors’ motivations, we’ve commissioned market research about the donors who support their local cancer center and a second research study about the donors who support their local children's hospital.

Our fundraising creative seeks to inspire your donors to move from a transactional to transformational relationship with your hospital. You can win more broad-based support with multichannel, integrated fundraising that connects with your donors in all media — from direct mail, to email, to social media, to telephone, and more. Together, we’ll find the unique mix your donors respond to best, informed by an understanding of your donors’ personal values, aspirations, and motivations for giving.

While our multichannel fundraising strategies focus on the donor, our fundraising campaign planning focuses on you. We’re a direct-response marketing agency serving only nonprofit clients and we know that reaching your revenue goals means more lives are saved. Nothing excites us more than embracing your vision and helping to turn it into a reality. Reaching your donor marketing objectives begins with talking to us today.

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