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Meals on Wheels

A New Source of Unrestricted Revenue for Your Program Has Arrived

Learn more about Donor Drive, a direct-response fundraising program through Meals on Wheels America designed to reap new, unrestricted revenue for your program that won’t cost you anything! 

Donor Drive FAQs

Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions about Meals on Wheels’ new Donor Drive member program.

Donor Drive Informational Video

Learn more about direct-response fundraising and how the opt-in program will raise funds for your charity.

Meals on Wheels Creative Portfolio

View our powerful messaging that engages donors to help seniors.

We couldn’t be happier! The program was a breeze to set up and the results have far surpassed our expectations!

Debbie CasePresident & CEO, Meals on Wheels San Diego County

We partnered with TrueSense to help build a donor file from the ground up. We never imagined we’d see such immediate results. Our initial acquisition campaign far exceeded our expectations. We acquired more than double the number of new donors than projected! And they’ve continued to give month after month. We couldn’t be happier with our partnership and our results!

Stephanie VierstraExecutive Director, Seniors First

Strategic, full-circle fundraising solutions can help you reach and exceed your organization’s objectives.

Your charity is about more than just delivering meals. Limited mobility, declining health, plus hunger and isolation are affecting millions of our seniors. The good news is that there are individuals in your community who would want to partner with you in reaching seniors in need.

To help meet the growing needs of seniors and to connect you to generous donors in your community, we’ve partnered with Meals on Wheels America to build an exclusive national direct marketing program that benefits members without any costs. Through this new Donor Drive pilot program, you can raise revenue for your program without any financial investment or risk involved.

Our fundraising strategy seeks to inspire your donors to move from a transactional to transformational relationship with you. You can win more broad-based support with an integrated fundraising approach that connects with your donors in all media — from direct mail to email, to social media, to telephone, and more. Together, we’ll find the unique mix your donors respond to best, informed by an understanding of their personal values, aspirations, and motivations for giving. 

While our comprehensive fundraising solutions focus on the donor, our fundraising campaign planning focuses on you. Reaching your revenue goals means you’ll be able to meet the nutritional and social needs of more seniors.

Reaching your fundraising revenue goals begins with talking to us today

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