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Find and Cultivate Donors Who Want to Reach Lonely Seniors

There are individuals in your community who would want to partner with you in reaching seniors in need. Acquiring donors now and cultivating them correctly can create a source for major gifts and planned gifts in the future. We can help you gain more long-term revenue by nurturing donors today.


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“TrueSense provided an analysis of our donors that identified key areas of opportunities that we were not able to do with our reports alone. We have been able to evaluate the performance of our donors in a more thorough way and understand the potential of growing our donations and donor base. TrueSense keeps a finger on the pulse of our data, which translates into a proactive strategy for greater long-term success.”

Tony Staser
Chief Development Officer,
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Strategic, multichannel fundraising can help you reach and exceed your Meals on Wheels donor marketing objectives.

TrueSense Marketing has a half century of partnership with worthy nonprofits. In fact, we currently work with Meals on Wheels programs across the nation to reach their fundraising goals through donor acquisition and retention.

Your charity is about more than just delivering meals. Limited mobility, declining health, plus hunger and isolation are affecting millions of our seniors. There are individuals in your community who would want to partner with you in reaching seniors in need. If you thought you couldn’t afford to start a direct-response fundraising program, we have great news. Our cost-deferred Pay As You Grow program will earn steady growth without breaking the bank.

Our fundraising creative seeks to inspire your donors to move from a transactional to transformational relationship with you. You can win more broad-based support with multichannel, integrated fundraising that connects with your donors in all media — from direct mail, to email, to social media, to telephone, and more. Together, we’ll find the unique mix your donors respond to best, informed by an understanding of your donors’ personal values, aspirations, and motivations for giving. 

While our multichannel fundraising strategies focus on the donor, our fundraising campaign planning focuses on you. We’re a direct-response marketing agency serving only nonprofit clients and we know that reaching your revenue goals means that you’ll be able to meet the nutritional and social needs of more seniors. This is why we have an exclusive partnership with Meals on Wheels America to help them build a national direct marketing program. Nothing excites us more than embracing your vision and working together to turn it into a reality. Reaching your donor marketing objectives begins with talking to us today.

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