Learn About TrueSense Marketing’s Approach to Meals on Wheels Fundraising

You want to grow. You know that the problem of senior hunger and isolation is only going to increase in the coming years, and you want to help more seniors stay nourished and independent. You recognize that your current set of fundraising channels must expand in order to support the increased operating costs that come with that growth.

Direct-response fundraising provides charitable organizations of all kinds with the opportunity to reach far beyond a core circle of supporters — to a whole universe of caring people who are willing to help financially, if only they are asked. And these donors provide more than recurring renewal gifts. They offer unlimited opportunities to forge long-term loyal relationships leading to planned and major gifts. The acquisition and cultivation of these donors can improve the well-being of seniors — and your organization.

Some Meals on Wheels programs have a direct mail program in place already — and wonder if it’s raising as much as it could. They rely on the revenue it generates, but it’s been relatively flat year over year. Also, there’s the question of whether they are maximizing digital integration.

Other Meals on Wheels programs don’t have a direct mail program at all. A lack of marketing budget has prevented some from getting started — and there has also been the challenge of return on investment. As an individual local charity the costs for renting prospect lists and creating, printing, and producing direct mail appeals can simply be too costly for them to recoup via recurring donor gifts AND within a reasonable amount of time. Until now.

We’re making a special offer to Meals on Wheels charities.

We’ll analyze your donor file and your geographic market, and create a 5-Year Growth Plan that shows your potential to generate revenue in direct mail alone … and with the addition of digital and phone as well. This analysis and planning is at no charge.

Tony Staser Chief Development Officer, Meals on Wheels People

[fa icon="quote-left"] [fa icon="quote-right"] “TrueSense provided an analysis of our donors that identified key areas of opportunities that we were not able to do with our reports alone. We have been able to evaluate the performance of our donors in a more thorough way and understand the potential of growing our donations and donor base. TrueSense keeps a finger on the pulse of our data which translates into a proactive strategy for greater long-term success.

Our Meals on Wheels pricing model is simple. You pay per-piece prices for mail appeals that are all-inclusive of all expenses, and those per-piece prices are the same that we charge our larger national clients. No flat monthly fees.

And, for cases where your proposed plan is larger than your budget, we offer a Pay as You Grow, cost-deferred program. We mail your acquisition and subsequent donor cultivation mailings with no upfront cost to you. As donations from these donors begin to flow in from the appeals, you pay us in installments equal to the amount you receive until your costs are “paid off” and you can afford to pay on your own. We can do this because we know that an investment in you is a good one for us. We’ve seen how Meals on Wheels donors respond to the appeals, and we know it is a model that works.

To determine the right solution for you and your organization, speak to Marcy Auman at, or call or text her at 412.596.9195.