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Meeting Needs and Transforming Lives

Fundraising for Rescue Missions

Transformation. We admit that’s a bold proclamation. But to the rescue missions we serve, transformation is nothing new. The transformational impact our clients have on those facing hunger, homelessness, addiction, and trauma is incredible.

When it comes to transformational fundraising, we believe in stewarding everything wisely. This means using data to make more of the right investments, so fundraising programs reach their full potential. It means eliminating all gaps between great ideas and great execution. Most of all, it means giving you full faith in your fundraising so you can care and help transform those in your community.

Fundraising Case Study

Focusing on hunger traditionally performs best, but our client wanted to try something different — addiction recovery.

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Who Supports Your Ministry?

If you’re ready to meet your donors where they are, this research, packed with fresh insights to inspire people to give, is for you.

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Engaging Your Mid-Level Donors

Learn how to single out, engage, and cultivate your most important audience segment — mid-level donors.

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Launching our direct-response program was an essential part of our larger fundraising plan. Our gross revenue from this program more than doubled in just 4 years — allowing us to invest even more to find new donors. And the program has improved the visibility we have with our existing donors, so we can better tell the story of the impact for good they make in our community. We’re excited about continuing this growth with TrueSense Marketing as our partner.

Cindy FunkhouserPresident & CEO, Sulzbacher

Strategic, full-circle fundraising solutions can help you reach and exceed your charity’s donor marketing objectives.

Over the past 20 years, organizations like yours have shifted their focus from solely meeting the needs of those currently affected by homelessness to adding innovative programs to prevent homelessness before it begins. 

But when we meet with organizational leadership who have broadened their services beyond housing, feeding, and counseling, we hear three common pain points:

  1. The gap between the programs and services provided and the programs and services featured in fundraising campaigns is getting wider every day.
  2. As the number of people experiencing homelessness grows, the public’s awareness of the multiple causes of homelessness — like economic issues and the opioid crisis — is also expanding.
  3. The tension between the unknown results of trying different offers that reflect new programs vs. the known results of using the same approaches that have been used for over 20 years is real — because there is a real need to protect revenue.

That’s where TrueSense Marketing comes in. 

While our strategies focus on connecting the donor to the causes she cares about, our fundraising campaign planning focuses on you. We know that reaching your revenue goals means more lives saved.

And that’s why we’re so proud to help worthy nonprofits like yours grow strong donor relationships. This is the goal that everything builds toward — using an unified suite of strategic, comprehensive solutions solutions to maximize your donors’ long-term value and increase your revenue through:

  •   Donor acquisition and retention
  •   Sustainer and monthly giving programs
  •   Mid-level donor cultivation
  •   Major and planned gift lead generation

Together, we’ll find the unique mix of channels and offers your donors respond to best, informed by an understanding of your donors’ personal values, aspirations, and motivations for giving. 

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