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Donor Research

Meet the Donors Who Help Sick Kids and Their Families

They’re empathetic. Pragmatic. They believe love and care are as vital as medicine. And they want to make a difference.

We surveyed hundreds of RMHC Chapters donors and donor prospects to find out what moves them to give and why. We also identified five types of RMHC Chapters donors — and how their giving habits can inform your fundraising strategy. Now, all our research is available to you.

With it, you’ll gain valuable insights into your donors and discover:

  • How do your donors prefer to give?
  • What do donors think is the largest area of need in their community?
  • What motivates prospects to give?
  • Who are your donor personas?
  • Plus strategic and tactical recommendations!

Get “Who Are the Heroes That Help Sick Kids and Their Families?” and find out how to communicate with your Chapter’s donors more effectively.

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