The Only Complete Turnkey Direct Response Fundraising Program of Its Kind — Just for RMHC Chapters!

Wondering if you could raise more from your fundraising program?

At TrueSense Marketing, we’re proud of the revenue we’ve helped to raise for RMHC Chapters through our unique partnership and turnkey direct response fundraising program. The TrueSense team has visited dozens of RMHC Chapters across the country, and we deeply understand and share your mission in helping seriously ill and injured children and their families.

Big Return on Investment: Pay as You Grow Program

Pay as You Grow is a cost-deferred program that limits your billable expenses each year to exactly the amount of revenue generated by your donations. TrueSense shoulders all costs for the initial campaigns until the unpaid balance is paid off by your fundraising revenue.


Pam Cornforth Co-Chair, RMHC Advisory Council

[fa icon="quote-left"] [fa icon="quote-right"] The beauty of this program is that it requires very little staff time and brings in much needed operation revenue ... the time that we are required to invest is minimal compared to the revenue generated.


Growth Plan

For each of our clients, we deeply analyze their donor database through a Donor Health Index, and review baseline projections to create a five year growth plan. Using the growth plan as our guide, we create a customized fundraising program using direct mail, email, telephone, and digital outreach based on donor preferences. Annually we check progress against the growth plan and adjust the program accordingly to reach your long-term goals.

Watch the video to learn more about growth plans from our Senior VP, Marcy Auman.


Talk to TrueSense

We’d be honored to help chart your growth. By acquiring and retaining loyal donors for your Chapter, we can help you maximize net revenue that not only supports your mission for years to come … but allows you to keep even more families close.

To determine the right solution for you and your Chapter, speak to Megan England at, or call or text her at 724-456-1839.