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Donor Research

Meet the Donors Who Partner with You in “Doing the Most Good”

They’re caring. Compassionate. And they want to continue Doing the Most Good. We conducted a survey of The Salvation Army’s prime prospective donors in all four Territories to present our findings in a groundbreaking case study.

Find out what donors think of The Salvation Army, what motivates them to change lives, and how you can better connect with them.

With it, you’ll gain valuable insights into your donors and discover:

  • Which organizations do donors feel help people in need the most?
  • Which is America’s favorite charity — and why?
  • What kind of experience do donors want with The Salvation Army?
  • What are donors’ behaviors and preferences?
  • Bonus: strategic and tactical recommendations!

Request your copy of “Who Supports The Salvation Army and Why?” to receive valuable insight to help you grow your programs.

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