TrueSense Marketing IS integrated fundraising and donor engagement.

We’ve partnered with Salvation Army Territories, Divisions, Area Commands, and Corps from coast to coast since 1965; working with The Salvation Army in the digital space for over 14 years. We’ve studied their donors, volunteered, served on boards, and seen their impact firsthand. When it comes to helping The Salvation Army Do the Most Good, it’s not just what we do. It’s who we are.

Our results speak for themselves.

As of July 2019, with the fourth quarter left to complete in the fiscal year, the TSM digital program has already generated 5% more revenue than reported during the total fiscal year of 2018.

Chart Digital Increase TrueSense Marketing TSA


Revenue Increase

from Q3 FY18 to Q3 FY19

Chart Deliverability Increase TrueSense Marketing TSA

94% → 99%

Increase in Deliverability
Chart Paid Search Increase TrueSense Marketing TSA

Paid Search

ROI During Q1 FY19


Revenue Per Quarter

All TrueSense Marketing Participating Digital Clients
Revenue YOY Comparison

Our Philosophy

Multi-channel marketing for nonprofits essentially follows the same philosophies as the for-profit sector – interacting with donors via multiple channels, communicating with donors in the channel they prefer. Multi-channel integration demands that the old silos of marketing be broken down. The breadth of available platforms has increasingly grown in the digital space (email, search, social media, mobile/GPS tracking) in addition to the traditional channels (print, direct mail, and broadcast). We integrate our digital channels with direct mail and phone, which leads to effectively growing donor files across all age groupings including: Millennials, Gen-X, Boomers, and Seniors. And when donors are engaged in multiple channels, their engagement with you is strengthened.

Our Technical Expertise

Because our clients employ a wide variety of traditional CRM, eCRM, and P2P products, TrueSense Marketing is platform-agnostic. Our staff has demonstrated mastery and knowledge of many CRM solutions, including:

Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge, Blackbaud NXT, Convio Luminate Online, CharityEngine™, Classy, Crowdrise, DonorDrive, NGOC (RoundCorner), SalesForce Marketing Cloud, and TeamRaiser, to name a few.


In addition, we have, in several cases, dedicated a member of our internal data solutions group to liaise with the vendor/provider of the CRM product on behalf of our clients, in order to improve how the product is operated and to assist with specific nuances and/or data variances that may exist between an outside eCRM and your database of record. Data nuances can span a wide range — a common example being one system posting transaction dates in a different timezone from the other. An assigned specialist from our data solutions group generally results in improvements in data consistency, data quality, and product feature usage, all of which gives your organization better outcomes even as it deepens our agency’s depth of product knowledge.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

TrueSense Marketing contracted Salesforce Marketing Cloud in 2018 to continue to provide the highest level of digital marketing and fundraising support to our clients. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the leading platform in the market today that provides marketers with a single environment to manage (and automate) all their communication channels including email, social, web, and mobile.

TrueSense’s agreement with Salesforce includes the following features:

  • Plan, personalize, and optimize the donor journey
  • Gain more information about donors
  • Map your 1:1 journeys across multiple channels, devices, and donor lifecycle stages
  • Analyze and assess the impact of every interaction (real-time) to determine results and identify optimization opportunities

Our Work

Thanksgiving Creative
Thanksgiving  Creative
Giving Tuesday Creative
Giving Tuesday Creative

FY20 Digital Marketing Program 

An integrated, multi-channel digital marketing program including digital strategy, email marketing, social media advertising, search engine marketing (SEM), digital display assets, and digital acquisition efforts.

Includes base (17-20) campaigns: email + resend, donation form, digital assets, social assets, paid social ads.

Ongoing strategy for reactivation of lapsed email donors: includes list segmentation/management, creative production, and deployment.

Planned campaigns to accompany Q1 holiday efforts and Easter fundraising.

Includes production of Classy donation pages for multiple direct mail strategies including integrated social media, print media free standing inserts, acquisition campaigns, and direct mail sustainer efforts.

3-part automated email welcome series for any new emails acquired through email acquisition campaigns, first-time donations, or e-appends designed to greet new email subscribers to your communication stream. This series is designed to increase email deliverability quality, expand the digital audience into other channels, and acquire a gift.

Social Media allows nonprofits to talk to a variety of audiences, including their donors, web visitors and prospects. With our year-round social communication plan, we talk to each of these audiences with creative tailored to them. Using Facebook’s targeting functionality, we’re able to find individuals who are likely to support The Salvation Army. Once prospects are engaged, our plan focuses on moving individuals through the donor journey to conversion and on to sustaining giving and long-term support.

Our expanded social plan in FY20 includes three main targeting approaches:

  • Email housefile for social cultivation
  • Prospecting for lead generation
  • Remarketing for conversion


77% of email marketing ROI comes from segmented, targeted campaigns. Expanded Donor Journey content will focus on targeted email content for new donors, existing Friends of The Army sustaining donors, and the re-engagement of those not currently responding to email.

Meet The Team

From digital strategy, digital design, web development, project management, social media, to search engine marketing (SEM), our 18 digital experts are ready to put their donor marketing knowledge to work for you. Our staff has served The Salvation Army's digital needs for over a decade. We’ve partnered with you through digital growth and technical transitions, always with the goal of maximizing your fundraising opportunities. Digital fundraising is an important part of our time-proven, multichannel fundraising strategies. Our clients can expect digital recommendations to help you reach more donors and raise more funds.

Natasha Cygnarowicz,
Vice President, Digital Marketing

Steve Farrar,
Creative Director

Megan Cotter,
Social Media Manager

Jolene Miklas,
Senior Copywriter

Jason Wood,
Vice President of Digital Business Development

Jennifer Miller,
Creative Director

Mike Nelsen,
SEM Manager

Jaclyn Secen,
Digital Project Manager

Katie Damico,
Director of Digital Operations

Emileigh Pawluk,
Web Developer

Jana Braun,
SEM Specialist

Madison Lopiccolo,
Digital Marketing Coordinator

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