What’s Your Salvation Army Story?

When we visited The Expect Change 2016 NCRD and NAOC Conferences, we asked friends from the Salvation Army to share their thoughts with us. They told us about their work, their hopes for The Salvation Army, and what moves them to Do The Most Good. Hear some of their answers — in their own words — below.



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Who Supports The Salvation Army And Why?We conducted a poll of The Salvation Army’s prime prospective donors in all four Territories. Then, we presented our findings in a case study called Who Supports The Salvation Army and Why? Our findings can lend valuable insight to your fundraising strategy. We’re happy to offer you a free copy of the study for a limited time. Request your copy now!

The Three Myths about Salvation Army Disaster Fundraising

Find out how to expand your donor-support base and create additional income for your organization at times when you need it the most.

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We’re proud of our long-term partnership with The Salvation Army. Check out our Salvation Army resources, tailored to help corps engage donors and raise revenue.

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How have you seen The Salvation Army change lives?
How will The Salvation Army be different in 20 years?
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