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7 Frequently Asked Questions About Matching Grants

Matching funds are the closest thing we fundraisers have to magic.

Match offers cut through the clutter and encourage donors to give. A match offer can turn a weak and underperforming campaign into a winner — or a strong campaign into a champion!

7 Frequently Asked Questions About Match Offers

  1. How often is too often for match offers?
    There is no too often for match offers. Some organizations use them all the time.
  2. Do match offers work equally well in all fundraising situations?
    No. Most organizations find that a match offer doesn't work well in new donor campaigns. Here is where you can learn more about donor acquisition.
  3. What's the difference between a "challenge grant" and a "matching grant"?
    None. It's a different name for the same thing.
  4. Can we take a large amount — say $100,000 — and break it up into smaller pieces to use as match offers more than once?
  5. Can I use a match with major donors?
    Yes. Make sure when you do that, your total matching funds isn't so small that it looks small to these donors. If you go to a donor who gives $10,000 with a matching fund of $5,000, you could create a puzzle for your donor to solve.
  6. Is money brought in through a match appeal restricted?
    Only if the matcher stipulates it. Click here to learn more about raising unrestricted funds.
  7. When is the best time to use a match offer?
    Any time is good!



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