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Why You Should Feel Good About Fundraising

feel good about fundraising

Sometimes we fundraisers feel a little guilty about motivating people to give, as if we’re engaged in some kind of legal con to get at people’s hard-earned money. Don’t feel that way! When donors give, they also receive.

Here are just a few reasons why you should feel good about fundraising:

  • Giving makes donors happier.
    When donors give, they feel the “warm glow” effect of philanthropy caused by a release of dopamine in the brain. But they get more than just a feel-good moment. Donors are 43% more likely to describe themselves as “very happy” than non-donors. Donors also report feeling more balanced, more in control of their lives, and all-around better about themselves.
  • Giving makes donors healthier.
    Because of the psychological benefits of giving, donors are 25% more likely to say their health is “excellent” or “very good” than non-donors.
  • Giving makes donors wealthier.
    Research shows that charitable giving has a return on investment of $3.75 for every dollar given. How this works is not well understood, but when you consider the better physical and psychological health donors enjoy, it isn’t surprising!
  • Giving makes donors feel more connected.
    Regardless of the cause, donors are more evolved, more teachable, and more receptive to new ideas than non-donors. They’re also much more likely to do all kinds of good deeds, from returning lost wallets, to offering their seat on a crowded bus, to giving blood.


So keep asking! You’re helping your donors to be better people — heroes, in fact — and they’re helping to make the world a better place.


What other reasons make you feel good about fundraising? Let us know what inspires you to be a great fundraiser for your cause in the comments below!



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