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Planning the Big Move: 4 Tips for Navigating CRM Migration

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Your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system holds the keys to delivering the best possible fundraising strategies. This database of donor activity tells the story of why your donors give, when they give, and which tactics motivate them most.

If you’ve outgrown your current system, are disappointed with the service and support from your vendor, or are looking for a more user-friendly product, then a migration to a new CRM may be in the cards for you.

Here are 4 tips to help you navigate a CRM migration.

  1. Be realistic. Few CRMs launch on time or on budget. Be transparent and clear when discussing your implementation schedule and launch date goals with your new CRM provider. Examine your overall marketing schedule during this time, and have a “plan B” ready for initiatives that could be affected by the switch.
  2. Be a data hoarder. Be cautious about what data you decide to discard and what you bring to your new system. Work with your marketing partners to determine what future strategies may depend on data that appears irrelevant. Also consider options for archiving older data outside your CRM so it is accessible for unforeseen future needs.
  3. Know when to say goodbye to solicitation flags and suppression rules that are no longer relevant to your program. Anticipate new workflows and processes you will gain in this new system that can replace older and less effective ones.
  4. Keep what’s working. Be wary of large changes to source code patterns and logic. Significant changes to coding schema may require bulk updates to historical codes and could delay your migration process.

Don’t let a fear of change keep you locked in a CRM system that’s no longer serving your needs. Keep preparation, organization, and flexibility in mind to help your platform switch proceed smoothly.

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