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#GiveFromHomeDay Launching April 21st

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA, April 6, 2020 — TrueSense Marketing, a leading fundraising agency serving nonprofit organizations throughout the United States, announced the April 21, 2020 launch of #GiveFromHomeDay.

Participation in #GiveFromHomeDay, free to all certified charitable organizations, can help nonprofits benefit from the momentum that a nationwide movement on a focused day can provide.

“With people out of work, small businesses closed, schools shut down, and our courageous health care workers exhausted and at risk, the concept of helping in this extreme time of need has been brought to the forefront of social conversation,” said Steven Busheé, TrueSense President.

“For the people helped by nonprofits, their needs continue or have even increased. And with events canceled, volunteers quarantined, and more, many organizations urgently need more funding than ever to continue to serve their missions. We’re happy to help them any way we can,” Busheé continued.

The April timing of #GiveFromHomeDay was intentional, according to Jason Wood, Vice President at TrueSense.

“We know anecdotally that, in 2009, some donors who received stimulus checks diverted some or all of this income to favored charities,” said Wood. “Although we do not advise talking to donors about their stimulus checks in our suggested creative guidelines, #GiveFromHomeDay has been timed to coincide with their likely arrival, so donors could choose to invest a portion of them directly into their communities if they want.”

TrueSense is making numerous free digital assets, tools, and guidelines available on a unique website,, for any nonprofit interested in taking advantage of this campaign. Participation is not restricted to active TrueSense clients.

“We want to do our part to help a critically important segment of our society — the nonprofit community,” said Busheé. “Anyone who wants to benefit is welcome to sign on. In the midst of this worldwide calamity, we are seeing that the willingness to give now is alive and well in the American population.”



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