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March 5, 2018

Giving Mid-Level Donors 12 Months of Inspiration

For the 2017 holidays, TrueSense launched new direct mail creative designed to engage the mid-level donor audience of our Salvation Army clients.  The creative reflected a strategic adjustment to communication that is sent to this valuable group, including creative designed to deepen the donor’s awareness of their impact and how The Salvation Army is using their gift to serve families in their community.

One new fundraising creative package, a 2018 calendar, was sent to donors last November to remind them of their impact throughout the year.

The Salvation Army Mid Level Donor Calendar

Click here to see a sample of the 2018 mid-level donor calendar.

The design of the holiday calendar was specifically aligned with the history and mission of The Salvation Army.  By using a calendar that had a potential 12-month life of use, the donor was provided ongoing inspiration and education.  On each page of the calendar, powerful imagery was combined with a quote and information about Salvation Army services.  The calendar was accompanied by a letter that reinforced The Salvation Army’s appreciation for the donor and requested their continued support.

In one of the launch Divisions, this holiday calendar campaign produced a 31 percent increase in average gift compared to other campaigns sent to mid-level donors, and produced an ROI that exceeded the value of the Thanksgiving campaign.

While immediate campaign performance is important, the long-term value of the holiday calendar, and other unique mid-level mailings, will be fully evaluated based on a full-year improvement in donor retention and giving trends.

Stay tuned for more updates as we work with The Salvation Army to craft a high-performing, relevant, and relationship-driven plan for mid-level donors!

Don’t forget to join our mid-level workshop at the National Community Relations and Development Conference in Indianapolis for more insights into our ongoing work with the mid-level audience.

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