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The 4 Ingredients for a Successful Matching Grant Offer

A matching grant is a symbolic act of one donor saying to another donor: Let’s go into this together. You give your gift, and I’ll match it with the same amount. We’ll accomplish twice as much! 

It’s a practical demonstration of a truth we all know: Together, we are stronger! But, all matching grants aren’t created equal.

 Every successful matching grant offer needs these four components:

  • A granter who’s offering up the match. It can be an individual, a group (such as your Board), a foundation, or a corporate supporter. The granter can even be anonymous.
  • A fund amount. There’s no minimum or maximum amount. This is an urgency factor: Once this amount has been raised, the donor’s gift can no longer be matched. It’s better to give now than to wait. This is one of the main reasons it’s an effective fundraising offer.
  • A Multiplier — the ratio that the donors’ contributions will be matched. It’s usually 1:1, meaning the gift is doubled. But it can be more than that — the gift can be tripled, quadrupled, even multiplied 10, 20, 50 times, or more. A bigger multiplier sometimes improves response.
  • A deadline. The date after which gifts won’t be matched. This is an additional urgency factor.

In your next matching grant appeal, be sure that all four of these components are present. You — and your mission — won’t be disappointed!



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