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11 Blog Posts That Helped Your Nonprofit Peers Thrive in 2020

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In such an unpredictable year, dependability is particularly comforting. You can count on your loved ones to bring you joy, your donors to continue to support your mission, and your friends at TrueSense to share timely donor marketing tips to help you build strong donor relationships.

This year, it’s no surprise that relevant, actionable advice related to fundraising in the face of COVID-19 was very popular with our thousands of Heroic Fundraising subscribers. However, evergreen posts about fundraising copy, donor newsletters, and social media best practices also jumped to the top of the list.

Here are the 11 most popular Heroic Fundraising blog posts of 2020:

  1. Philanthropy’s Landscape Is Changing. Donors’ Hearts Aren’t.

    TrueSense Marketing’s President, Steven Bushee, shares the importance of a lifetime view of your relationship with your donors, particular as they consider where to leave a planned gift.
  2. How to Steward Your COVID-19 Donors

    Stewardship was a vital component of building strong donor relationships in 2020, a piece often forgotten. Don’t miss these tips to engage your donors, even if they aren’t in a position to give this year.
  3. Are You Overcomplicating Your Donor Communications?

    Don’t miss these three questions that you must ask yourself before customizing your donor marketing approach. Complexity is not necessarily better. Aim for the clarity that comes with a simplified plan.
  4. Your COVID-19 Fundraising Strategy Needs to Include Phone. Here’s Why

    The telephone can be an expedient channel with which to react quickly in a rapidly changing environment. Discover the 3 reasons why nonprofits are using the telephone, in conjunction with other fundraising channels, as an effective communication tool.
  5. Under the Hood: The Mechanics of Fundraising Copy

    There is a primary goal for fundraising copy, and it is not to solicit a gift, although that is obviously an important key performance indicator of success. Ultimately, the most important goal of fundraising copy is to establish a rapport so you can initiate or build on an ongoing relationship with the prospect or donor. You’ll find copywriting success by following these four simple rules.
  6. Will Reactionary Sustainer Donors Retain? Here’s What History Tells Us

    Donor retention was a hot topic in 2020, with the charities that experienced an uptick in new donor generosity wondering: Will these donors continue to support us after the crisis ends? Don’t miss these three things we know about sustainer donors who convert during seemingly reactionary moments.
  7. 8 Ways to Build Strong Donor Relationships Through Social Media

    Did you know baby boomers aren’t just your best direct mail donors? In 2019, boomers spent more time online than they did watching TV. They love streaming videos and sharing posts. Take advantage of this opportunity to connect with your donors, and raise money for your cause, through engaging social content with these 8 tips.
  8. How to Create an Engaging Virtual Experience

    Virtual events are becoming increasingly common for obvious reasons. Whether you’re taking your annual gala online or hosting individual meetings with your top donors, you don’t want to miss these 7 tips to engage donors when you can’t be face to face.
  9. 5 Ways to Leverage Social Media During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Your donors are spending more time at home and using social as a way to stay connected with the world around them. Here are 5 tips for your nonprofit to take advantage of this increased screen time.
  10. The Best ‘Maximum Impact’ Ratio for Your Donor Newsletter

    Nonprofits often think about newsletters as being outside their direct response strategy — they deploy direct mail letters that fundraise, and newsletters that inform. Exclusively. But this mentality doesn’t reflect the donor’s experience. To her, every communication she receives either brings her closer to, or takes her further from, your mission.
  11. Does Your Fundraising Bore You? Good.

    Just as successful real estate relies on location, location, location, successful donor marketing relies on repetition, repetition, repetition. Your donors don’t know as much about your marketing as you do. They likely don’t read your messages word for word. And they certainly don’t spend months prepping for each fundraising campaign. Repetition is the lifeblood of successful marketing.

BONUS! 26 More Donor Marketing Tips

Fresh off the presses! The fundraising leaders at TrueSense Marketing put their heads together (virtually, of course!) to bring you the top fundraising tips and trends you need to know going into the new year.


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