You know that acquisition is vital for long-term growth. If you thought you couldn’t afford to start direct mail fundraising … we have great news.

For many of our clients, we offer a cost-deferred program — Pay as You Grow.

Here's how it works. Pay as You Grow limits your billable expenses each year to exactly the amount of revenue generated by your donations, without cutting into your existing program budget. As the donations roll in, you pay in easy installments that never exceed the amount you receive. TrueSense shoulders all costs for the initial campaigns until the unpaid balance is paid off by your fundraising revenue because we know that an investment in you is a good one for us. We’ve seen how donors respond to our appeals, and we know it is a model that works.

Direct response fundraising lets you reach a new universe of caring donors. You will build up a donor file of loyal donors who will provide revenue every year. You get steady growth for your charity without breaking the bank.

This is exactly how we fueled massive growth for a nationwide charity with many separate, local programs all over the country! Below, you can see the donor growth for one local program from that group as an example.

 Pay As you Grow.jpg

And note: This charity started with no budget for direct mail — none. And yet to date, they’ve acquired nearly 20,000 new donors, which translates to new programs, an expanded mission, and more.

You can achieve this kind of game-changing growth.

To determine the right solution for you and your organization and discover if Pay as You Grow is an option for your charity, schedule a meeting with one of our fundraising experts.

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