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November 9, 2021

10 Breaks to Take When You’re in a Creative Slump

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As fundraisers, much of our work involves inventive approaches, new techniques, and cutting-edge tactics. Keeping up with innovative demands can be a challenging task! But imaginative ideas don’t usually happen in front of a computer screen. Our creativity can flow best when we take our minds offline and let our playful energy wander. 


Ready to give your brain a break and welcome back your creative intuition? Take just 15 minutes to try one of these proven approaches and recharge your artistic mojo.


  1. Get Moving. A little bit of exercise can be a stimulating solution for regaining focus. Try a brisk walk, a few minutes of yoga or stretching, or even an interactive video game — anything that gets your heart rate up. Stay away from overly strenuous activities that can cause your concentration to drift. 
  2. Or Stay Still. If exercise isn’t your speed, perhaps a meditative moment is the right course. Allowing your mind to drift, pause, and rest calms your body to allow for a clear path to creative thought. If you are new to meditation, start with a guided meditation course. Lessons are easy to find via a quick online search and can help newbies relax slowly and methodically.
  3. Brainstorm. Collaboration with colleagues can double your creative range. A quick chat with a trusted teammate can be a fruitful start, but try branching out to experts outside your team for a change in perspective.
  4. Scenery Shift. If you’re sitting at the same old workspace to complete every task on your to-do list, you might need a new scene. Choosing a different area that is comfortable and conducive to work can create the right environment for creative thinking. Moving to a cozy nook for writing or sitting in the bright sunshine for brainstorming can set the scene for a spark.
  5. Puzzle Pieces. If your mind is struggling with a difficult conundrum, give it a different puzzle to solve. Fill out a Sudoku puzzle, spin a Rubik’s cube, or play a round of Candy Crush.
  6. Soothing Shower. There are plenty of adages that begin with a genius idea that happens in the shower. And that’s for a good reason! The shower space is quiet, private, and relaxing. The repetitive white noise created from the running water can help to muffle background noise and improve concentration. No time for a full shower? Recreate the experience by running a warm mist vaporizer and tucking your feet into a soak.
  7. Instant Inspiration. Immersing yourself in a museum or gallery can be an easy way to get a quick burst of visual brilliance. Exploring nature can have the same effect!
  8. Gift of Gratitude. A gratitude break can be particularly insightful for fundraisers. Acknowledging and reflecting on some of the things you appreciate can be a powerful motivator for charitable work. Take a look at the food in your refrigerator, your healthy children, your loving pet, and let your thankfulness inspire your work.
  9. Drawing Doodles. Even if you aren’t an artist, doodling is an engaging way to warm up your thinker. Model a sketch on a nearby object, refresh a favorite cartoon character, or brighten up some notes with hand-drawn call-outs.
  10. Power Nap. Sometimes you need a complete reboot of your current thought pattern, and nothing accomplishes that like the power nap! Set your alarm, find a cozy spot, and rest.  


Now that you have the tools to tackle your creative fatigue, put that innovative energy to work by learning more about fundraising


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