Fundraising Storytelling

Use Stories to Connect with Donors and Raise More Funds

Your work changes lives.

The stories you share can change hearts and minds.

That’s why we have a gift for you — your personal copy of “How to Use Storytelling to Connect with Donors and Raise More Funds.” It’s full of tips and ideas to help you share your stories in a way that’s memorable, moving, and powerfully motivating to donors — so you can grow your programs. We’ll show you how to use stories to deepen your connection with people who want to support them.

In this fundraising guide, you’ll discover:

  • What psychology tells us about why stories are motivating.
  • 5 ways to use stories in direct mail appeals.
  • The 6 As of structure on which your story must be built.
  • How to start raising more revenue with powerful storytelling.
  • And more!

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