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We don’t just call. We connect. So your donors feel listened to. Valued. And moved to make a gift from the heart.

Listen in now. Use the audio players below to hear a few of our calls, and see how our skilled representatives engage donors’ generosity.

Food Bank Mid Level Compilation


Food Bank Lapsed Donor


Healthcare Donor and Patient Compilation

donor lady phone

“You could definitely tell the difference with the company making the phone calls. It wasn’t like a telemarketer, where you want to hang up in the first minute. The conversation was very engaging and personal. The caller seemed very compassionate. It makes you want to help in their quest to secure donations.”

— Susan

What Do Donors Think About Telephone Calls?

Meet Susan, a grateful patient prospect of UC Davis Medical Center. She also happens to be on an advisory council at the hospital and is very passionate about helping people with her disease. Susan wishes she could do more for the hospital, but she's not in a position to make a large financial gift.

During their telephone conversation, a Donor Engagement Team representative helped Susan to see herself as a donor — a hero! Susan made a quarterly gift with a three-year commitment. This brief call turned a dedicated voluteer into a committed sustainer donor.

A Personal Touch

Our professional communicators build relationships with your donors. How?

  • Warm, personal communication
  • Conversations — not scripts
  • Compensation based on time, not transactions
  • A commitment to donor service
  • Comfortable solicitations that give donors the chance to be heroes

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