6 Tips to Make Your Donor Newsletter Donor-Focused

Most likely, a donor newsletter is part of your donor relations strategy.  It helps to raise awareness of all the good work your organization is doing and strengthens the commitment and trust factor with your donors.  It can also be a significant source of net income.  Did you know that donor-focused newsletters bring in a 4 to 7 percent average response rate?

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Great Fundraising Organizations: Two Insights from The Salvation Army’s History

Alan Clayton was a keynote speaker at the Bridge Conference this summer.  His presentation focused on the hallmarks of high-achieving fundraising teams in the United Kingdom that had achieved significant growth in revenue.

During his presentation, and while reading his research paper, I saw strong parallels to the history of The Salvation Army and its incredible impact — and was reminded to look to the past for future success.  Two major insights stood out:

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What’s the Best Way to Talk to Donors?

I hate to admit this, but I’ve met a lot of nonprofit professionals (including Salvation Army officers responsible for fundraising) who are afraid to talk to donors.  Why?  Because there is a chance of the uncomfortable “M” word coming up in conversation: money.  Frankly, these people may be in the wrong business, because their very survival depends on their ability to talk to donors. 

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Two Essential Qualities for Success

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit across the table from yourself?

As a ministry and organizational leader, it’s something you should consider.

What does your body language say about you?  Are you easily approachable by your co-workers?  Have you ever honestly asked yourself how others perceive you?

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Creating Relationships That Matter: Why You Need Sustainer Donors

If there’s one crisis that affects virtually every nonprofit, it’s the increasing difficulty in retaining donors.  The fact is, donor-retention rates across virtually every nonprofit sector have been in steady decline for the last decade.  Factors like increased competition, institutional relevance, ineffective stewardship (i.e. donor validation of support), and generational attitudes toward loyalty are just a few of the reasons it’s become so difficult to keep donors. 

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17 Strategies to Recruit the Best Bell-Ringer Volunteers

Once the calendar page turns to August, you most likely have kettles on your mind. Specifically, how will you fill all the shifts with bell-ringers?  Each year, thousands of people volunteer to ring bells for The Salvation Army.  Recruiting and retaining those volunteers is no easy task.

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Long After the Storms Have Passed

Long after the storms have passed, do donors care about disaster work?

Absolutely!  While most Salvation Army donors cite feeding and shelter as their top reasons for giving (get your copy of the full Salvation Army donor research), disaster fundraising helps communicate the immediate relevance of our work in times of crisis.  And by reminding donors that THEY are the reason disaster response happens, you’ll reinforce the partnership you already have with them.

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Are the Pittsburgh Steelers The Salvation Army’s favorite football team?

Wink, wink.  OK, now that I have your attention, I wanted to point out the obvious: Partnerships with major sports teams are of immense value to nonprofit organizations.

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4 Ways to Generate Leads for Your Nonprofit’s Email Fundraising

The Fundraising Email Deliverability Storm

The holiday season of 2016 wreaked havoc on email fundraising.  It was a storm that was brewing for a while, as ESPs (email service providers) like Google and Yahoo modified their email algorithms to deliver more relevant emails to the inbox.  Once the holidays hit, many emails from nonprofits that used to go to the inbox were now going to spam or bulk item folders, rendering those emails practically invisible to the donor.  Nonprofits that spent thousands of dollars building up their email lists were suddenly left with a decline in email revenue.  In some cases, as many as 85 percent of emails from organizations were not being delivered to the inbox.  It doesn’t get more “code red” than this.

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Meet The Salvation Army Donor Personas

TrueSense commissioned a national research study on donors’ motivation for giving to find out Who Supports The Salvation Army and Why?  Through this groundbreaking research, we found seven donor personas.

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