Meet The Salvation Army Donor Personas

TrueSense commissioned a national research study on donors’ motivation for giving to find out Who Supports The Salvation Army and Why?  Through this groundbreaking research, we found seven donor personas.

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3 Myths About Disaster Fundraising

Disaster fundraising is different than everyday fundraising.  So it’s not surprising that some persistent myths have grown out of the successes and failures of this unique arena.

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Cultivating the Bottom of the Donor Pyramid

When you look at fundraising for your Corps, Division, or Area Command, it’s easy to wonder why revenue fluctuates so greatly across years and seasons.  The causes for these mysteries in your bottom line are oftentimes varied and out of anyone’s control.  Things like disasters, layoffs, relocations, a lost week between Thanksgiving and Christmas — all of these affect your revenue.  And many times, development staff or officers have to explain why things are way up or way down, even though marketing and development efforts haven’t changed.

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What Salvation Army Fundraisers Need to Know About Donor Acquisition

TrueSense Marketing has been partnering with The Salvation Army for over 50 years.

While a lot has changed over the decades, one fundraising strategy remains the same: Direct mail is the best way to acquire new donors.  In fact, 80 to 85 percent of all new Salvation Army donors are acquired through direct mail.

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How The Salvation Army Can Supercharge Direct-Response with Digital

As I looked at the infographic depicting the enhancements that digital fundraising marketing can have on a direct-response program, a song immediately came to my mind: “Leaving on a Jet Plane” by John Denver.

There is an interesting parallel between digital direct-response fundraising and the start of the second verse of this hit song:

There’s so many times I’ve let you down.
So many times I’ve played around.

There are many direct-response fundraising people who feel the same way about expanded digital marketing — so many times, it’s let us down. 

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The Salvation Army Transforms Lives with Marketable Culinary Training

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

While the adage is applicable to a variety of situations, Chef Timothy Tucker took it quite literally when he created The Salvation Army Culinary Arts Training Program in Louisville, Kentucky. 

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Fundraising White Paper: Mid-Level Donors

It's no secret that mid-level donors are critical to the short-term and long-term fundraising success of The Salvation Army.

Many fundraisers know too well that they don’t have (or haven’t been able to find) a proven “white glove” strategy for mid-level donors that works, integrates easily into their existing
processes, and doesn’t break the bank.  That is, until now.

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4 Tips to Motivate Social Media Followers to Give

Think of how you use social media.  Sure, you connect with your family and friends online, but social media is also the place where you check the news, share information and ideas, and go for entertainment (Pew Research Center).  Your donors are no different!

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4 Things to Do When You’re the New Salvation Army Officer in Town

It’s the kind of story that movies are made of.

A family must pick up and move to a new place, which causes upheaval and a loss of comfort.  In their new home, the children each have to overcome being “the new kid,” while their parents find their place in a community.  For officers in The Salvation Army, this is just a part of the job.  However, many have found ways to immerse themselves in the community, quickly overcoming the stigma of being an unknown by becoming a local citizen in record time!

I reached out to a few folks and also used my experiences working with The Salvation Army to come up with a list of things you can do to make your new appointment a successful one!

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Account Director Shares Her Family’s Salvation Army Story

“Your father has never passed a kettle without putting money in it.”  That’s what my mom used to say every holiday season.  I would witness it myself.  Growing up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, The Salvation Army was present outside the local stores, and I would watch as my dad religiously put money into the classic Red Kettle.  It was just something he did.  It wasn’t until years later when I started working at TrueSense — and servicing Salvation Army accounts — that I asked my dad why he was so loyal to the organization.

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