Account Director Shares Her Family’s Salvation Army Story

“Your father has never passed a kettle without putting money in it.”  That’s what my mom used to say every holiday season.  I would witness it myself.  Growing up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, The Salvation Army was present outside the local stores, and I would watch as my dad religiously put money into the classic Red Kettle.  It was just something he did.  It wasn’t until years later when I started working at TrueSense — and servicing Salvation Army accounts — that I asked my dad why he was so loyal to the organization.

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Win 25 Bells, AND Get Your Fundraising Questions Answered!

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Answers to Your 5 Most Common Mid-Level Donor Questions

It’s hard to believe that at the height of summer, our thoughts have already turned to next year!  One of the most exciting elements embedded into TrueSense Marketing’s FY18 programs for our Salvation Army clients is an expanded focus on mid-level donors. 

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New Chief Creative Officer Navigates the Changing Landscape of Fundraising

January 15, 2017 was a great day for TrueSense Marketing.  It was the first day John Thompson joined our team as Chief Creative Officer.  

John’s education in fine arts, work with political direct mail guru Richard Viguerie, 17 years as owner of Direct Design as well as time spent at several national fundraising agencies, has all prepared him perfectly for this role.

I’d heard a lot of great things about this guy, so I called him up to hear more firsthand. 

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Donor Journey Part 5: Donor Legacy

In 2015, Sam passed away at age 95.  He was a farmer.  Really gentle man.  Really hard worker. During Karen’s visits over the years, Sam would be on his tractor, plowing the field next to the home.  In his ’90s.  It’s what he did.  It’s what kept him going.  He did it up until months before he passed away.

Martha is still alive, and Karen still visits her on a regular basis.  Martha decided last spring that it was time to sell the 100 acres next to her home.  As part of their estate plans, The Salvation Army benefited $2.5 million from the sale.  

In Christmas of 2016, Martha contacted Karen and gave another $80,000.  Today, she’s 96. Still lives in the same house.  To date, the couple has given just under $3 million.

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3 Reasons Your Digital Fundraising Needs Direct Mail

Spring and early summer are hectic seasons at TrueSense — but also my favorite.  I like being busy.  It makes the workday pass quickly so I can get home to the real seasonal drudgery: yard work.

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The 4 Pillars of Salvation Army Fundraising

My 17-year-old son is interested in pursuing architecture.  It explains why there are table-top models of houses scattered around our home.  While they vary in style, one thing is the same: He doesn’t build anything without a plan.

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Donor Journey Part 4: Connect Your Mission to Your Donors’ Passion

Sam and Martha don’t have any children.  They live in a very modest home.  They are not interested in “things.”  They don’t need a whole lot or want a whole lot.  They own a pumpkin farm next to their house on 100 acres, which had been in their family for generations.  It was the kind frequented by kids looking to pick pumpkins and go on hay rides.

Through her donor stewardship, Karen discovered Sam and Martha's passion: helping the homeless.

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How to Connect with Donors Using Fundraising Stories

Powerful stories stir emotion and move us to action.

Here’s the caveat: Stories alone aren’t magic.  There’s no formula for length or type.  What’s important is that you consistently tell stories that donors want to hear.  But there’s more to it.

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Salvation Army Field Notes: A Car Salesman’s Story

The day had finally come.  Our 15-year-old Toyota Highlander required more repairs than it was worth, so my husband, Steve, and I went to a car dealer to check out possibilities for our next family vehicle.

The car salesman, Thomas, greeted us as we arrived in the parking lot, and I immediately noticed his accent.  I thought, “I wonder what his story is …”  Little did I know that he would have a Salvation Army story!

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