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Recently, TrueSense Marketing asked more than 800 charitable donors: How do you feel about The Salvation Army?

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Heroic Fundraising: Your Industry Insights for Changing the World

You meet your deadlines faster than a speeding bullet.

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TrueSense Account Director Maximizes Salvation Army Experience

Hi, I’m Lindsay Sparks. 

I have worked with The Salvation Army now for seven years — six of those years as the Director of Development at Tulsa Area Command.  Now, I have the privilege of serving The Salvation Army as an Account Director for TrueSense Marketing.  I don’t know

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Backpack68 Program Relieves Weekend Hunger for Students [Video]

You might not think of hunger as an education issue at first.  But for children, it absolutely is.

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5 Questions to Help Fundraisers Plan for Fiscal Year 2018

Do you dread the planning process for the new fiscal year? Are you a procrastinator who puts it off until a week before it is due? Then this guide is for you! Work through these five questions with your team or agency as you begin planning for the next fiscal year.

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5 Tips to Successful Donor Cultivation

Imagine you just had a perfect first date that left you with butterflies in your stomach.  All you can think about is the next date that you hope will follow (the logical next step, right?).  The next morning, the doorbell rings.  When you answer, you find your perfect date standing in front of you proposing marriage.  OR, on the flip side, you don’t hear from your perfect date for the next three months.  You’d be right to wonder, “What is happening?”  This is what a relationship would look like without cultivation. 

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Keep It Simple: How to Take Advantage of Donor Behavior

It’s fun to see how business articles can (at times) apply perfectly to charitable organizations like The Salvation Army.  In the current issue of the Harvard Business Review, I read a great piece called “Customer Loyalty Is Overrated.”  You can read it here.

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The Expert's Guide to Making the Most of Your Digital Fundraising

Meet our digital fundraising expert!

Jeremy Haselwood is TrueSense’s Senior Director of Digital Strategy, and one of the newest members of our Salvation Army team. 

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How to Raise Unrestricted Funds in the Real World

You know what’s sexy?  Unrestricted funds!

We fundraisers are all too familiar with restricted funds — a reserve of money that can only be used for specific purposes.  

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What a Bell-Ringer Hears

Roberta watched as an older man approached the Red Kettle where she was ringing the bell. He was wearing a Marines hat, and immediately began searching his pockets for some change to contribute. 

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