Donor Journey Part 3: Cultivation and Stewardship

In 2010, the Christmas after Sam and Martha’s generous $10,000 gift, Karen put together a gift basket of things that were personal and made by children.  When Karen delivered the basket to the couple’s home that December, she spoke with Martha in person for the first time.  It was a brief, but very pleasant visit.  Martha was very grateful for the gift and the thought behind it. This started their personal relationship.

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Salvation Army Field Notes: Visit to the Northern New England Division

Recently, I traveled up to The Salvation Army’s Northern New England Division to visit with local Corps, discuss programs, and address any feedback they had.  One visit was to Manchester, NH, where Captain Rader is the Corps Officer.

For reference, this Salvation Army is located in an area of Manchester with the highest crime rate and highest level of poverty.

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Your Direct-Response Fundraising Needs a Growth Plan

Ecclesiastes chapter 11, verse 6 wisely counsels: “Sow your seed in the morning, and at evening, let your hands not be idle, for you do not know which will succeed, whether this or that, or whether both will do equally well.”

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6 Qualities of Your Best Fundraising Agency Partner

Are You Happy with Our Relationship?

It’s an annual process: Once holiday results have been reviewed (typically during the spring), development staff throughout The Salvation Army start thinking about whether they’ll continue a relationship with their current direct-response fundraising partner, or begin the process of choosing a new partner (contracts notwithstanding). 

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What You Need to Know from the Gateway 2017 Conference

My colleagues and I recently attended the 2017 National Social Services Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from April 3–7.

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Donor Journey Part 2: Stewardship and Annual Sustainer

In 2009, Sam and Martha gave $2,000 through a direct mail appeal.  Since this was a big jump from their usual gift amounts of $250–$500, the Major Gift team took notice: Wow, they’ve been giving 16 years.  They’re very committed, and we need to get to know them better.  That’s when Karen, their assigned Major Gift Officer, started reaching out with phone calls, sending notes, and thanking them for their giving.  Sam and Martha weren’t used to being specially recognized in any way for their contributions, they simply believed in The Salvation Army’s work.  In fact, the couple increased their next Christmas gift to $10,000, because they trusted that The Salvation Army was Doing the Most Good.  They were already committed!

We believe a donor truly becomes YOUR donor once they’ve made an ongoing commitment to you.  Like Sam and Martha, they give gifts to support your mission because they believe in your organization, and want to be part of your good work.

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Don't Forget the Big Picture of Your Donor Newsletter

I have to admit, it happens to me, too.  I sometimes get so caught up in the day-to-day tasks of my job that I forget about the end goal.

And what is mine?

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Donor Journey Part 1: Acquisition

Sam and Martha started giving to The Salvation Army in 1992.  They were acquired through a normal direct mail appeal, and gave $250 total that first year.  Over the next 16 years, they gave $250-$500 per year, responding to Christmas appeals and youth program campaigns.  Although they were annual sustainers of the mission, their giving amount wasn’t enough for them to show up on the development office’s radar.  Until …

All fundraisers know that acquisition is really important to their charity’s long-term success, because every donor has to start their relationship with a nonprofit somewhere.

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Get to Know Claire Waiksnoris

With spring, comes daffodils, warmer weather and Claire Waiksnoris knocking on your door.

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FREE Salvation Army Fundraising Webinar Resources

Recently, TrueSense Marketing asked more than 800 charitable donors: How do you feel about The Salvation Army?

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