TrueSense Marketing  ●  10/19/2018

10 Tips to Appeal to Christian Donors

Christian donors have a special bond with Christian organizations, like The Salvation Army.

Here are 10 ways you can make that bond even stronger:

  1. Avoid “in-house” jargon or exclusive language.
    Christians in the U.S. range widely in theology, practice, and culture. Chances are, you have donors outside your specific traditions.
  2. Never downplay your own beliefs to reach a wider audience.
    You have little to gain, but much to lose by not being who you are. Our research on rescue mission donors confirms this.
  3. Be specific and concrete.
    Don’t ask donors to support the mission. Ask them to make specific projects possible. Let them be part of the action! You’ll get greater response rates.
  4. Tell stories.
    Jesus did! Christians are accustomed to learning through stories. But go easy on statistics. They seldom move people to give. Click here to read our free guide on fundraising storytelling.
  5. Offer prayer.
    Give donors the opportunity to send prayer requests. This will deepen the relationship.
  6. Use conservative design.
    Your donors are older. They’re not likely to respond to the cutting-edge look that you might prefer.
  7. Ask.
    Christians know they’re commanded to give. You will not upset or insult them by asking clearly and directly.
  8. Call your donors.
    Call as many of your donors as you can, and thank them for their gifts. Have your staff take a little time to just talk when they call, with no need to get a gift. Click here to listen to our conversations with donors.
  9. Ask for prayer.
    Christians want to pray about important things — like your cause. If they’re praying, they’re more likely to give.
  10. Use long messages.
    Long messages work better than short messages in all types of fundraising. It’s even more true when marketing to Christians. They’re readers.



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