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5 Innovative Salvation Army Fundraising Event Ideas




While there are many lovely traditional Salvation Army events, I was on a mission to find the more out-of-the-box, unique experiences.  With our schedules being overloaded these days, people are wanting a different type of engagement when they have the time for an event out.  By calling out these special occasions, hopefully it will spark an interest and perhaps be an event you can create for your local area. 


Here are 5 of The Salvation Army’s most innovative and entertaining events that keep your mission true to heart.


  1. The Western Pennsylvania Division’s Garbage Bag Gala

    The Western Pennsylvania Division hosts the “Garbage Bag Gala,” a unique fashion show that benefits their Family Caring Center homeless shelter.  When this event first started, the idea was for guests to design and wear gowns made from trash bags.  The money they would have spent on formalwear for such an event was then donated to the charity instead.  It has evolved to more of a fashion exhibit today, showcasing creative designs made of recyclable materials by local designers.
  2. The Alaska Division’s Transformed Treasures event

    The Transformed Treasures event benefits the programs in Anchorage while increasing awareness of The Salvation Army Family Stores.  Local artists search through the donated items from the stores and create new treasures to be auctioned at the event.  These unwanted items become works of art and promote the idea of recycling and repurposing.
  3. Golden State Division’s Flower Power event

    The Golden State Division is in their 15th year hosting the Flower Power event that benefits their back-to-school and after-school programs in San Francisco.  During this luncheon, a renowned floral designer demonstrates how to create special floral arrangements at home.  They keep it even more fun by encouraging guests to wear floral attire and hats.
  4. The Salvation Army Austin’s Rock the Red Kettle Concert

    Austin, Texas has strong musical ties, so this successful event is a perfect fit.  During this fundraiser, attendees can experience an intimate concert with several locally well-known artists.  The evening is filled with lively entertainment, music, and food for guests to enjoy.  The festivities continue the following day at a celebrity tournament at Topgolf.
  5. The Salvation Army of Broward County’s Red Shield Re-Design Bash

    At this popular event, local artists and designers are invited to restore, redesign, or repurpose home accessories and furniture.  Their new, one-of-a-kind pieces are donated, and event attendees can bid on their favorite items with the proceeds benefiting various feeding and shelter programs.  To keep the evening lively, there is a panel of community personalities that award entries in various categories. 


These are just some of the unique events we have come across.  Let us know what special events your area participates in, and we’ll add them to the list!


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